Weekly Facts #39

The costliest Apple product is the Mac Pro that can price as high as around 52,000 dollars.

There’s a long list of things that can kill or shrink brain cells, but the brain does have the ability to repair itself by growing new cells.  It is called neurogenesis.

Oklahoma has more manmade lakes than any other state with the largest lake called Eufaula.

Harry Truman was the last president to not have a college degree.

Some of the most dangerous high school and college sports are cheerleading, gymnastics, football, rugby, hockey, and basketball.

Netflix Recommendation: The Speed Cubers (2020)

These kinds of documentaries can either be a hit or a miss, but this one is a complete hit. It deals with the competition of putting together Rubix cubes at record speeds. In 2019 the World Cube Association was held in Melbourne, Australia. The cubing competition was stiff and two of the competitors couldn’t have been more different. One was as teenager, Max Park, from the California, USA and the other a young twenty something University graduate, Felix Zemdegs, from Melbourne, Australia. They both wanted to win the 3x3x3 Cube, which is the most coveted event to win. As their relationship initially started when Max was shorter and a child with autism, it only grew deeper as they started competing against each other. This documentary is basically about the pressures of speed solving competitions and friendship among the competitors. While the 2020 WCA championship (both in person and virtual) were cancelled, it’s bound to come back in 2021 or later. Do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s a short 39 minutes and compelling from start to finish.

I rate The SPEED CUBERS Four Fingers and One Thumb at 100%.

More You Know: Looking Back to the U.S. Supreme Court Justices

Due to the recent passing of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg yesterday, I decided to look at all the justices that have served on the U.S. Supreme Court.  So far 14 Justices have served 30 plus years with longest length served being 36 years and 221 day with William O. Douglas from 1939 to 1975.  There are five justices having served was less than two years if you count Brett Kavanaugh and the shortest length served being 138 days with John Rutledge in 1795.  Justices hold the title of either associate or chief and leave their post by resigning, retiring, or dying.  Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy, and David Souter are the remaining retired justices still alive. There are now eight justices with John Roberts as the chief and seven associate justices with the latest of Kavanaugh being sworn in 2018. The Justices don’t hear many cases, but most of them are heavily loaded, often dealing with human rights, expressions of freedom, and control over the self. Here is the list of justices from the earliest days to the current times and the Presidential administrations that nominated them.

“You can disagree without being disagreeable.”

-Ruth Bader-Ginsburg

John Jay as Chief Justice, John Rutledge as Chief Justice, William Cushing, James Wilson, John Blair, James Iredell, Thomas Johnson, William Paterson, Samuel Chase, and Oliver Ellsworth as Chief Justice were nominated by George Washington.

Bushrod Washington, Alfred Moore, and John Marshall as Chief Justice were nominated by John Adams.

William Johnson, Henry Brockholst Livingston, and Thomas Todd were nominated by Thomas Jefferson.

Gabriel Duvall and Joseph Story were nominated by James Madison.

Smith Thompson was nominated by James Monroe.

Robert Trimble was nominated by John Quincy Adams.

John McLean, Henry Baldwin, James Moore Wayne, Roger B. Taney as Chief Justice, Philip Pendleton Barbour, and John Catron were nominated by Andrew Jackson.

John McKinley and Peter Vivian Daniel were nominated by Martin Van Buren.

Samuel Nelson was nominated by John Tyler.

Levi Woodbury and Robert Cooper Grier were nominated by James. K. Polk.

Benjamin Robbins Curtis was nominated by Millard Fillmore.

John Archibald Campbell was nominated by Franklin Pierce.

Nathan Clifford was nominated by James Buchanan.

Noah Haynes Swayne, Samuel Freeman Miller, David Davis, Stephen Johnson Field, Salmon P. Chase as Chief Justice were nominated by Abraham Lincoln.

William Strong, Joseph P. Bradley, Ward Hunt, Morrison Waite as Chief Justice were nominated by Ulysses S. Grant.

John Marshall Harlan and William Burnham Woods were nominated by Rutherford B. Hayes.

Stanley Matthews was nominated by James A. Garfield.

Horace Gray and Samuel Blatchford were nominated by Chester A. Arthur.

Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II, Melville Fuller as Chief Justice, Edward Douglas White as Chief Justice, and Rufus W. Peckham were nominated by Grover Cleveland.

David Josiah Brewer, Henry Billings Brown, George Shiras Jr., and Howell Edmunds Jackson were nominated by Benjamin Harrison.

Joseph McKenna was nominated by William McKinley.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., William R. Day, and William Henry Moody were nominated by Theodore Roosevelt.

Horace Harmon Lurton, Charles Evans Hughes, Edward Douglass White as Chief Justice, Wills Van Devanter, Joseph Rucker Lamar, Mahlon Pitney were nomiated by William Howard Taft.

James Clark McReynolds, Louis Brandeis, John Hessin Clarke were nominated by Woodrow Wilson.

William Howard Taft as Chief Justice, George Sutherland, Pierce Butler, and Edward Terry Sanford were nominated by Warren G. Harding.

Harlan F. Stone was nominated by Calvin Coolidge.

Charles Evans Hughes as Chief Justice, Owen Roberts, and Benjamin N. Cardozo were nominated by Herbert Hoover.

Hugo Black, Stanley Forman Reed, Felix Frankfurter, William O. Douglas, Frank Murphy, Harlan F. Stone as Chief Justice, James F. Byrnes, Robert H. Jackson, Wiley Blount Rutledge were nomiated by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Harold Hitz Burton, Fred M. Vinson as Chief Justice, Tom C. Clark, and Sherman Minton were nominated by Harry S. Truman.

Earl Warren as Chief Justice, John Marshall Harlan, William J. Brennan Jr. Charles Evans Whittaker, and Potter Stewart were nominated by Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Byron White and Arthur Goldberg were nominated by John F. Kennedy.

Abe Fortas and Thurgood Marshall were nominated by Lyndon B. Johnson.

Warren E. Burger as Chief Justice, Harry Blackmun, Lewis F. Powell Jr, and William Rehnquist were nominated by Richard Nixon.

Sandra Day O’Connor, William Rehnquist as Chief Justice, Antonin Scalia, and Anthony Kennedy were nominated by Ronald Regan.

David Souter and Clarence Thomas were nominated by George H.W. Bush.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer were nominated by Bill Clinton.

John Roberts as Chief Justice and Samuel Alito were nominated by George W. Bush.

Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan were nominated by Barack Obama.

Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh were nominated by Donald Trump.

Coloring: Anything

Journal Entry Type #58: Feeling Weird? Every Day, It Seems!

My posts have become more and more sporadic this month for several reasons. One, I’ve been devoting more time (although it doesn’t seem as much) on my rewrite (both first novel idea and poetry collection). I’ve finished my poetry collection and still working on my novel idea. Two, I’m not forgetting about other things I need to do like cleaning. This means vacuuming and trying not to suck up cords (that’s bad) and dusting. It’s important I dust because I’m allergic to dust mites and let me tell you, I should dust A LOT more than I do. Not good for my headaches but here I am. I used my duster to clean my keyboard. Yikes, it now types a lot better and what it should actually feel like as if the keyboard is new. With everything going on in my life (always remains to be a lot even though I have no children to my name), I do have a renewed sense of willingness to put in the work to get things done. I look to all the kinds of different avenues people do to make extra side money and while I would love to be that person, I’m not at the moment. I may never be that person, but there’s hope. I want to branch out of my comfort zone, eventually. I started working on my second novel idea a few days ago but now it is back to my rewrite. I don’t know which is more of a depressing/anxiety inducing situation: looking at your list of book ideas every day as it’s my desktop picture or knowing that while I’m giving myself around 30 years (factoring in for my lazy days) I have a long road ahead of me in terms of writing accomplishments. I suppose that is the ultimate goal of my existence: to accept the lengthy process of writing (even though it’s already been long overdue in many respects) and to keep at it when I feel discouraged. I try my best to respect who I am as my own person, my own writer, and my own process. It doesn’t do a bit of good to compare myself to others, but it’s human nature. Does it bother me that when I die, other writers will have written tons more stuff than I ever will? Somewhat. Does it bother me that when I die, only a few people will have ever read my stories? Somewhat. Does it bother me that I struggle so much with the writing process? Always yes. But when it comes down to everything I am inside, this is who I am and these comparisons are holding less weight these days. I don’t really need to apologize for my current situation because I’m writing to share my dreams that never came true, my goals that never were lost, my vision that I can’t express in any other way, my creativity that is bound to lead to other book ideas (you probably might never see), and most of all one of my reasons that I am still breathing. Beyond knowing it’s okay to just live your damn life the way you want to (within reason), I also know I want to have more on days than off. I might be the last person you think of as being a cheerleader type, but keep writing writers, keep dreaming dreamers, and keep creating creators.

“It is perfectly okay to write garbage–as long as you edit brilliantly.”

-C.J. Cherryh

“Use the creative process – singing, writing, art, dance, whatever – to know yourself better.”

-Catie Curtis

“Editing feels almost like sculpting or a form of continuing the writing process.”

-Sydney Pollack

Weekly Facts #38

Flying car prototypes do exist like the Terrafugia Transition and LaBiche FSC-1.

The last execution by hanging in the United States was in 1996 in Delaware and last execution by electric chair in 2018 in Tennessee.

Four is the only number that has the same amount of letters as its actual value.

Spongebob Squarepants creator, Stephen Hillenburg, studied marine biology.

The Beastie Boys’ album Licensed to Ill was the first rap album to go to number on the Billboard charts in 1986, followed by Tone Loc’s Loc-ed in 1989, MC Hammer’s Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em in 1990, Vanilla Ice’s To the Extreme in 1990, and N.W.A’s Efil4zaggin in 1991.

Journal Entry Type #57: That Thing You Can’t Reach

I was actually getting decent sleep until I decided to stay up until 2 in the morning Saturday into Sunday. Bad mistake. It wrecked my whole sleep pattern and then some. I had a hard time getting to sleep. It messed up further my headache and eye pain. I’ve been eating more crunchy food lately (bad for someone who has TMD) and so my jaw hurts. I postponed my special massage I get once a month because it isn’t safe to drive when you’re tired.

The reason I stayed up so late was formatting and putting together my poetry collection into Amazon. I know, I know, Jeff Bezos could be considered the son of the Devil for how little he donates to the world. I mean how much money does a person really need. He has enough money that he probably wouldn’t be able to spend it all in his life time. Good for his ex-wife who donated a lot of it to charitable organizations. Even strong going companies things lessen over time and Amazon dominating the world will too. It might not happen soon but that is my projection. I mean FB is still going strong, but I will reserve my views of Mark Zuckerberg for myself.

I took a nap today and still feel I wasted most of my Saturday on formatting and proofreading of my poems. I don’t want to publish, even if it is self publishing, with errors in the collection. With this being said (my new best phrase to use lately), I will go back to it and know getting it right the first time is better than having to apologize for mistakes when it’s already out there. I didn’t make any headway in my rewrite the past few weeks, well month (sigh), but I still plan on getting it written by the end of this year and published in 2021. I call it my starter novel because it is and something that will probably be remembered as a “good old first try.”

I bought two books for my dad as he likes to read historical fiction and all I want to do is open one of them and read it. I can’t and won’t because I have 50 books that are my own I still need to read. I worked on my coloring on Saturday before diving headfirst into my poetry collection. I suppose I’ve truly accepted the fact it will be good enough for me to write and self publish. My goals remain the same with my writing and health. Some days I have more energy than others. Today, I had less energy and my arthritis has been acting up. The story of my life or is it the life of my story.

I know I promised the people who actually read and follow my blog a free copy of my poetry collection and short story collection whenever that comes out (projecting next year). I’ve decided to allow people to buy the kindle version and paperback version, but if you want a less fancy version (think PDF), I will send it to you via email after it is posted on Amazon. I’m hoping either the end of this month or in October. I know I’m not the only one thinking 2021 can’t be the same shit show 2020 has been and yet all we can do is work on personal and creative things each day, week, or month. On this note, I need to wind down and get ready for another week.

Almost Mid-September Quotes

Netflix TV Recommendation: Cobra Kai (2018-)

The key to this move is making your enemy think you are retreating. But just as they let their guard down, that’s when you strike the hardest.

-john kreese-

This has everything a person growing up in the 80s could ask for and complete with the reminder that you are not that young anymore.  It could be viewed as one of those guilty things to watch, but there should be no guilt involved. Okay, maybe a little bit.  It blends the over 30-year gap between 1984 and 2018 in a way where every high school has the nerds, jocks, and outsiders.  Daniel now has a family of his own and a successful car dealership.  On the other hand, Johnny didn’t turn out so well despite being part of the Encino crowd in high school.  He now lives in Reseda and Daniel does not.  Neither one of them keeps in contact with Ali with an i although it would be great if Elisabeth Shue makes an appearance in Season 3, but I doubt it.  It was nice to see some of the old Cobra Kai members make an appearance although older and hairless for some. For a show about middle aged men teaching karate to high school students they have little similarities with, it is pure entertainment.  Besides, John Kreese returns and what can go wrong with that? Obviously, a lot. I look forward to season three on Netflix as it left YouTube.

I rate Cobra Kai FOUR FINGERS and ONE THUMB at 100%.

Amazon TV Review: The Man in the High Castle (2015-2019)

In life there are too many questions with a lack of time to answer them.

-nobusuke tagomi-

“People are capable of anything. Especially when they’re desperate.”

-joe blake-

Creator: Frank Spotnitz

Major Cast: Alexa Davalos, Joel de la Fuente, Rufus Sewell, Chelah Horsdal, Bennan Brown, DJ Qualls, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, Gracyn Shinyei, and Genea Charpentier

Number of Seasons: 4

Episodes in Each Season: 10

Running Time of Each Episode: 57 minutes

Rating: TV-MA

There comes a time when all men must bear the weight of their responsibility.

-inspector kido-

I knew what the gist of this show was about but found a little too much back and forth in one instance, but as the seasons progressed, these different scenarios were less jarring.  The main locations of this show, based on the book by Philip K. Dick, is of Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan having a stronghold in parts of U.S. after World War II.  The Greater Nazi Reich basically claimed the Midwest, East Coast, Oklahoma, and Texas.  The Japanese basically claimed the Pacific states, parts of the Southwest states, Alaska, and Hawaii.  The neutral zone is a sliver between them including Idaho, and parts of the Washington and the Southwest.

The central character is Juliana Crane.  She forms many relationships with other major characters of this show.  As the seasons progress, her relationships are revealed piece by piece especially to Nobusuke Tagomi, Joe Blake, John Smith, and Wyatt Price.  The portrayal of Rufus Sewell as John Smith is top notch and Chelah Horsdal as Helen Smith is chilling as well.  While I found the first two seasons interesting, I thought the later seasons were better.  It might have been because certain thing had come to end while others were just beginning.  The man in the High Castle show has political power plays, espionage acts, family struggles, professional sacrifices, racial competitions, and other worlds known to only a few.  It’s overall entertaining but admit you need to be in the right mood. Don’t ask me what mood that is, but it’s not something you can do other things while watching.

“It is far from easy to be a good man. In fact, as one gets older, it becomes more and more difficult to know what a good man is. Yet it also becomes increasingly important to at least try.”

-Rudolph wegener-

I rate The Man in the High Castle FOUR FINGERS AT 90%.

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