Poem: At Long Last

I leaned and put my finger to my temple,
all my energies gathered in one place,
overwhelmed by the definite departure,
my brain has slowed.

How much control is left for me?

My death might bring greater reward,
but I won't know until it happens,
and then it will be too late to go back
to the beginning.

Will this thought be my last?

This fracture has cracked wider,
spilling out secrets and I could ignore,
the repair is somewhere,
waiting for more action.

Should I chose the wrong answer?

Poem: Eyonte

When I took the first step,
   it did not feel right.
The moon had not appeared,
   the stars were not guiding me.

Her name was Eyonte,
   I remember it clearly.
Hair that was golden brown.
   The way she wrote e in her name.

Eyont-e! Oh, Eyont-e!
   How much I miss hearing it too.
Why did you have to leave?
   without a whisper or a kiss.

Netflix Recommendation: This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist (2021)

The 1980s have come back with its terrible fashion and the 1990s have come back with the revival of shows like Fuller House and Saved by the Bell. So too have the events of the past been revisited such as this 1990 Gardner art museum robbery in Boston. It coincided with St. Patty’s day so the police were more concerned with keeping the Bostonians partiers in check. The fact the museum had little security when it it was robbed didn’t help. It was obviously done by people who knew little about art from some of the work they took although they managed to take a Rembrandt, Vermeer, Degas, and others worth 500 million dollars. There are four episodes in this series and although it does start out strong, with each episode it sort of wanders a bit. There could’ve been a little more structure to how it was presented, but it’s clear the Boston mafia had their hand in the robbery. How much is to be determined? This was before cameras and when the FBI was brought in, too much time had lapsed. Evidence was collected and lost. The original investigation was poorly done. The case will probably never be solved with a definite answer. It’s now a museum I’d like to visit if I’m ever in Boston.

I give This is a Robbery THREE FINGERS at 80%.

Mid-May Quotes

Netflix TV Series Recommendation: Money, Explained (2021)

If you want to be in the top 1% of Americans, you need to earn around 758,00 dollars yearly, according to 2019 data (EPI).To be a part of the top 10% percentiles, you must make between around 130,000 to 210,500 dollars (EPI). When you are talking about net worth of the top 1% in the U.S, you must have, at least, 11 million dollars by 2019 figures (Investopedia). To be part of the top 10% in the U.S, you must have, at least, 1.2 million dollars by 2019 figures (Investopedia). The average worker earned around 57,000 dollars the same year which is the largest chunk of the American workers (EPI). The magic number to be saved for retirement is 1 million dollars since people are living longer and having more health problems. There are five episodes about money: get rich schemes, credit cards, student loans, gambling, and retirement. While none of this information should be new to anyone, it’s educational in some ways and depressing in most ways. The bottom line people the U.S. is in trouble when it comes to retirement. Get used to seeing more elderly people being forced to work in their twilight years in the next 50 plus years unless something changes. Many millennials and generation Xers are still drowning in debt. The other bottom line is most anything today is money maker from credit cards to student loans to lottery tickets. I watched it mainly because I like educational programs, but it’s nice knowing I won’t be the only one not saving a million dollars by the time I retire. And if you gamble, don’t wash your ticket like a recent CA winner did and lose 26 million dollars.

I rate Money, Explained FOUR FINGERS at 90%.

Trifecta #59

Journal Entry Type #91: I Still Want Oxygen and Balance

This will probably be my last weekend off for a long time. Due to working in a different industry, my days off are during the week now. At least I get two days off in a row. I know that some countries value long hours of working, but I’m not keen to work 60 hours a week. The most I’ve worked is about 53 hours a week and that was because I had no choice. I’d much rather work a 40 hour week job if I can with OT if necessary. When I worked from home, I was more willing to work OT. Now that I spend more time on the road although not too bad when it comes to commuting, I realize the need for me to have balance even more. I’m slowly getting there. I ended up taking Saturday off to partially relax and do some at home training without getting paid. I went to Lake Mead today and came back to finish up a few things before I started blogging. I am way behind, but honestly I only have to answer to myself when it comes to my blog. My current phrase is “you know what I mean.” I have a long laundry list of blogs to finish. Here are some pictures of my short trip of the trains on the way back from the lake.

All I Have is a Branch

Give them an olive branch. You know the statement. Here is my olive branch in the form of a few photos. Since I no longer work from home, my commute eats up more of my time as well as learning a new job. There’s a lot of information to learn and when I get home all I want to do is rest and sleep. I’m waiting for the day where things settle down and the job becomes easier. That won’t probably happen until 3 months from now but every day there is progress. The human process of learning something brand new is just what it sounds like and while I am thankful for this new job, I’m still keeping my options open. I hope to spend more time blogging this weekend and once two weeks is up (one more week left) after my second vaccine shot, I’m going to be much more busy and in the mindset to go, go, go. My life has been unsettled since COVID began as many others have experienced. Most everything still feels upside down and not quite right in terms of energy. Without rambling on for sake of time mostly, here are my photos I took recently.

TV Review: The Sinner (2017-)

There are three seasons of The Sinner that have nothing to do with each other and the only constant character is played by Bill Pullman as Harry Ambrose. I have to give it to the second season. It was the best out of all of them. The first season was the second best. The third season was my least favorite. It didn’t have the kind of ending I wanted and some of it didn’t make sense. I was beginning to think that way in the second season but it came around and finished strong. The third season started strong but slowly over time became weak. I suppose I was looking for something more. I’m curious what other people think. What is each season about and should you watch them?

  1. The first season stars Jessica Biel as a wife who seems fine until she attacks someone at a beach with her husband and son watching in horror. Don’t worry. I didn’t ruin anything. It’s what happens after and why she attacked him in the first place that is the mystery. As Cora Tannetti’s life unravels, the clues to fill in the missing pieces are found with the help of Harry Ambrose. As for her understanding husband, Mason Tannetti, he’s also searching for answers.
  2. The second season stars Elisha Hening as a convincing child that isn’t right in the head. He plays Julian Walker and after an outing in the woods, he is the only one remaining alive. Harry Ambrose finds himself helps the daughter of long-time friend, Heather Novack. When they interview Julian’s mother, Vera Walker, it only confuses things and makes it harder to get answers that make any sense.
  3. The third season stars Matt Bomer as a father who has a terrible accident. He plays Jamie Burns who is hiding some secrets including his friend, Nick Haas. Harry Ambrose must unravel this mystery while protecting his family and friends.

I suggest watching the first two seasons if you like a slow build to movies or shows. Everything doesn’t come at you all at once in either season. This is what I like about them. There were clear reasons why Julian was so messed up in the head. The third season seemed to be missing something from the antagonist. If there ever was a character I didn’t feel a bit sorry for, it was Jamie Burns. I understood the need for acceptance and his high IQ level, but there was something within him that didn’t set right in the end. It didn’t seem believable. I don’t want to ruin the ending, but for all his ambition, it fell flat. I also wish more time had been spent on the relationship with his wife and students. Therefore, I suggest watching the last season to say you watched it.

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More You Know: The Next in Line

Whatever country and government one might be speaking about, there are usually rules about what happens when a country’s leader dies or can’t do his or her duties. This leaves others to take his or her place and contingency plans are in order long before any one incident occurs. I decided to choose three countries with different forms of governments. The first is the U.S. with a semi-democracy. The second is the U.K. with a monarchy. The third is North Korea with an autocracy.

The order of succession has less to do with familial ties and more to do with title in the U.S. After the President comes the Vice President and Speaker of the House. The third in line is the President pro Tempore of the Senate (whoever is the majority in the Senate). The fourth, fifth, sixth in line is the Secretary of State, Treasury, and Defense. The seventh in line is the Attorney General. It continues through the list of the Cabinet members and only applicable to those who were born in the U.S. There have been nine Vice Presidents who took over the role as President due to death or resignation: John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Gerald Ford. Out of these nine, four of them were re-elected: Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, and Johnson.

Merrick Garland (seventh in line)

Lloyd Austin

Janet Yellen

Antony Blinken

Patrick Leahy

Nancy Pelosi

Kamala Harris (first in line)

The order of succession has more do with family order than anything else in the U.K. After the King or Queen dies or abdicates the throne, the next in line is usually next sibling or child. When King Edward VIII left to marry Simpson Wallis, his brother King George VI became the next king. When he died, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned and therefore her children in order of birth became the rightful heirs: Prince Charles, Andrew, Edward, and Anne. When Prince Charles had children, Prince William and Prince Harry jumped in front of Prince Charles’ siblings. The only difference now is Prince William’s daughter Charlotte doesn’t have to be behind Prince Louis. Despite Prince Harry stepping away from royal duties, he is still in line to become king.

Princess Anne and her children

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and his children

Prince Andrew, Duke of York and his children

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and his children

Prince Louis of Cambridge (fifth in line)

Prince Charlotte of Cambridge

Prince George of Cambridge

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Prince of Wales Charles (first in line)

The order of succession for North Korea is not as full proof. There is more jockeying for power and the ruthlessness that dominated England way back when is now a common theme in the Kim dynasty. When Kim Il-sung died, his son Kim Jong-il became the leader, and then when he died, his son Kim Jong-un became the leader. What about when Kim Jong-un dies? I’m not even going to predict because when Kim Jong Nam and Jang Song-thaek were killed by its current leader, it is anyone’s guess. Kim Yo-jong (Kim Jong-un’s sister) and Kim Pyong-il (Kim Il-sung’s son) seem to be two most viable people to replace Kim Jong-un. Basically, it’s anyone in the Kim family that will succeed the current leader.

Kim Pyong-il

Kim Yo-jong (maybe first in line)

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