Sand in Little Bottles with More to Fill and Glue

Since I’ve had more free time on my hands than I’d like, I’ve been trying to find other things to do to preoccupy my time besides my usual interests. I took to sand and glass bottles like a moth to a flame until I got sick of it. I finally came back to it after not liking my first attempt at filling these little bottles. The second time around is my last time. Three more strings and I’m done. Time to move onto other things like writing, reading, and coloring for the rest of this month and see where I’m at in March.

Trifecta #52

Movie Review: The Nice Guys (2016)

I had to question the mermaids. What were you doing while I was working?

-Holland March-

There are not major spoilers in this review!

Not Many Nice Guys Exist in L.A.

Whenever I watch movies set in Los Angeles, I look for landmarks and places I recognize. I did the same in this movie too although it became less of an interest for me the longer it played. I’ve seen a handful of crazy things in L.A. when I lived there. The machete wielding guy that wanted to be an actor. The guy that crashed into a pole from driving drunk on Hollywood Blvd. I bring this up because The Nice Guys captures the weird things at parties and don’t mess with me attitude of those working outside 9 to 5 jobs. It brings you into the lifestyle of private investigators, hired muscle men, government officials, and the porn industry. This is an action, comedy, crime movie is written by Shane Black and Anthony Bagarozzi and directed by Shane Black. It stars Russell Crowe as Jackson Healy, Ryan Gosling as Holland March, Angourie Rice as Holly March, Matt Bomer as John Boy, Margaret Qualley as Amelia Kuttner, Yaya DaCosta as Tally (remember her from ANTM?), David Keith as Older Guy, Beau Knapp as Blueface, Lois Smith as Mrs. Glenn, Murielle Telio as Misty Mountains, Gil Gerard as Bergen Paulson, Daisy Tahan as Jessica, and Kim Basinger as Judith Kuttner. It is rated R for violence, sexuality, nudity, language, and brief drug use and runs one hour and 56 minutes.

The Breakdown of Living in L.A.

It’s the late 1970s and Holland March is tasked to find Misty Mountains. He is making some progress until he runs into Jackson Healey. They are forced to come together for a common cause because someone that might be able to help them goes missing. To make matters worse, Amelia’s friend, Chet, leads them on a goose chase with more dead ends than answers. They continue on their quest to find Amelia with the little they have to go on along with trying to stay alive with those hellbent on stopping them. They are able to learn a little more about Amelia through her mother, Judith. After officially hiring them, March and Healey go to the airport hotel and then back to March’s house where his daughter is keeping watch of their recent discovery. They still aren’t able to piece together what Judith is hiding and what Amelia wants others to learn until March understands what Mrs. Glenn really saw earlier. A struggle over control of the truth ensues where by the end some things remain the same except March and Healey. They team up together despite their rocky beginning and call themselves “The Nice Guys.”

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Overall View of The Nice Guys

This movie was more of a diversion for me as most movies usually are. The Nice Guys reminded me that sometimes life is not to be taken so seriously. This movie had serious concepts like death, government, and secrets but there were hilarious scenes. The scene with Blueface and Older Guy comes to mind. The part with the fish. It had me laughing so hard. I really didn’t have a sense of how the movie would end and unlike some movies where I’m dying to find out, I let this one play out. The highlights were, of course, the duo of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. The actress, Angourie Rice, who played Gosling’s daughter was great in that her relationship with her dad offered realistic commentary on being a single parent. However, what was missing in certain relationships was the underbelly meat. I wanted a little more built up between Holly March and Jackson Healy as well as more friction between Tally and Holland March. All in all, It’s an entertaining movie with enough substance.

I rate Nice Guys FOUR FINGERS of GREAT at 90%

Quotes about Writing

“I now know and trust completely that writing happens long before I ever type a word; that my best thinking and writing will happen before and after the first draft but not necessarily during it.”

-Alex Johnson-

“A true work of fiction…strikes us, in the end, not simply as a thing done but as a shining performance.”

-Johns Gardner-

“The great and only possible dignity of man lies in his power deliberately to choose certain moral values by which to live as steadfastly as if he, too, like a character in a play, were immured against the corrupting rush of time.”

-Tennessee Williams-

“The poet’s mission on earth is to inspire and to illuminate; and to leave behind our glorious descendants an intricate and varied map of humanity.”

-Marilyn Chin-

“The sonnet defends itself against the vicissitudes of fortune by its charmed structure, its beautiful bubble. All the while, though, chaos is lurking outside the gate.”

-Rita Dove-

“I think a little menace is fine to have in a story… There has to be tension, a sense that something is imminent, that certain things are in relentless motion, or else, most often, there simply won’t be a story.”

-Raymond Carver-

“What I do in writing of any character is to try to enter into the mind, heart, and skin of a human being who is not myself. It is the act of a writer’s imagination that I set most high.”

-Eudora Welty-

“…the lasting appeal of tragedy is due to our need to face the fact of death in order to strengthen ourselves for life.”

-Arthur Miller-

“To plot is to move form asking the question and then what happened? to the question why did it happen?

-James Hillman-

Poem: Cancel Culture

Grab it all up in your arms and put it in a black bag. 
This is what we don't need anymore.
All of it needs to be forgotten and dumped in the landfill.

But at what result?  At what cost?  

Cities should be more pure and cleaner now.
People from small and large countries have torn down statues.
Flags are no longer powerful than their symbolic gesture.

We gave them the middle finger.  
We are one step closer to the ultimate goal.
The dumb have nothing to hide behind.

But is it misleading?  Will it make people wiser?

Nothing remains except the best and brightest.
This is what perfect societies desire.
It it not an accurate reflection in crowded streets celebrating their victories.

We can fall one step behind.
We might forget the history of our parents.
The reason we are here in the first place.

But do they care?  Who will help them?

Suppress all the facts and swallow only the good.
The bad never existed for us.
Our differences need not be written ever again.

But why?  Who are you protecting?

Poem: The Six Cupcakes

In the elementary school carnival, I had my eyes on the cupcakes.
The white frosting on some and green on others.
They all had sprinkles to entice me to pay good money.
They were regarded as the big prize as did every other student.
I won small plastic prizes or tiny rubber monsters I put on my fingers.
I wasn't able to eat them.

When I became a bookworm in middle school, I focused on a boy.
He would never look at me the way he looked at her.
The gym beauty with non-permed hair like myself and a crooked smile.
There was no one to blame but my lack of popularity.

When I roamed the halls of high school, I no longer thought of the cupcakes.
The chance of winning anything had passed me by.
I learned how to ignore the mental assaults from deep within.
I turned it outward and felt sorry for those who tried too hard.

In the college and university learning freak show, I wanted to fit in.
Most people took it in stride but some did not and it hurt.
There was no chance of biting into any normal looking cupcake.
I had the one with the melted frosting.

Since the beginning to the end of all school years, I had a different reality.
One where I needed restraint and didn't always have it.
I excelled in the areas with little promise.
Winning those six cupcakes wouldn't have changed my trajectory.

In the elementary school carnival, those six cupcakes never had power I once thought.
Years of experiencing reality taught me to accept loss, both of the mouth and hands.
I would've given anything to have those cupcakes long ago.
It would've made my life sweeter for sure but at what cost.

Latest Puzzle

There’s so many other things I want to do like eating and watching TV/movies. I’m now on chapter five of my new novel with many more to go. I’ve been having to juggle watching stuff going off Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix with my other life of writing and coloring and exercising. I can’t wait to go back to work so I don’t care so much about Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. I’m trying to use my time I have to my advantage. It’s partially working. On that note, back to writing until my first novel idea is returned to me, proofread with minor suggestions, so I can edit it one final time before self-publishing it.

Mid-February Quotes

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m partial to uplifting quotes but other times realistic quotes and definitely political quotes. Here are my political quotes for February.

Poem: Unity?

Rubberband and rubberband, stretched out and worn.
Holding together too wide of opinions.  
Asking too much of the rubberband and rubberband.

Writing letters of disappointment, how could you? 
and how dare you? and God won't forgive!
The words repeated still ringing in my ears.

Tension, tension, spreading like a virus.
Powerful as corona and invisible until it is seen.
Unable to contain it and not taking responsibility.

Reading the aftermath of disapproval of decision making.
How dare you have your own voice!  
How dare you have your independence!

Rubberband, grab two to replace the old and broken.
Hold together what is leftover.
Still asking too much of the rubberband and rubberband.

Poem: Tread on Me

It’s okay to tread on yourself.  I don’t care.  I don’t mind.

It’s what I thought it’d be.  It’s what I knew you’d be.

The flag is raised and flows free in the wind.  It never stops moving. 

You made certain that flag never belonged to me.

I’m not from your city.  I’m not part of your plan. 

You made this clear.  It's what you didn’t say. 

You only see the snake in the grass for what it represents.

It strikes enemies close and far away. 

Steer your eyes down.  Your enemy looks like you too. 

It slithers below and the flag is only fabric in your hand.  

It’s not all powerful.  It’s not the true answer.
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