More You Know: Cold Feet and Cold Showers

coldfeetWhile I haven’t had any scientific and medical evidence, I believe my feet and hands have poor circulation. You tend to think of poor circulation belong to elderly people and even I’m getting more white hairs, I’m not a senior citizen by any means although sometimes I feel it. My feet can get cold when it’s 70 degrees inside the apartment. This is not normal. I now have a heater underneath my desk to warm up my feet when in the winter and sometimes when it is cold inside. I’m not one to turn on the heat during the winter and only when I can’t stop sweating do I turn on the air conditioner in the summer. While this isn’t a post about my feet and hands, one of my massage therapists recommended I look up Wim Hof. He’s a Dutchman who likes the cold whether submerging his body in ice cubes, climbing Mt. Everest in shorts, and controlling his breathe. He brought it up because I spoke about watching this video of a Swedish woman who takes an ice bath, outside, every morning before work. If you ask me, that’s a lot of dedication and for a lazy American, not for me. Let alone, I have no ambition to get in freezing water, sit there as if it’s comfortable, and then get out and make yourself a nice hot cup of coffee or tea. But it does show that over time things become routine for people and bodies can adapt. Over time hot water feels warmer and cold water isn’t so shocking although I have a ways to go. After I took the bulk of my shower, I tried to stand under cold water with my shoulders down and relaxed. I couldn’t fully have the cold water hit my back because yes, it was cold, but I did put most of my body under it as well as my head. It became harder to breath, but this is part of the challenge: not fighting against it, relaxing your body, and controlling your breath. It’s sort of a shock to the system, resetting it if you will, and while I’m not going to devote my life to this type of thing, it did make me think again of how powerful a mind can be. I wish I had all the money in the world to experience all kinds of therapeutic techniques, but I don’t so I do what you can. I’m not one of those extreme people who do something to the point of addiction (okay some things), but I’m also aware of pushing yourself beyond your comfort zones a little bit. Am I going to wear something on my hands in the cold? Hell yes, I am. I don’t want frostbite. I’ve seen what it does to a hand. Purple and black fingers anyone? Do I wish I could hold my breath longer underwater? Yes because my lung capacity is not that good. So on that note, I’m open to new things within reason. Maybe this is something you want to try? Maybe not? I’m going to try it and see what happens. Is it going to get rid of my arthritis? No, it’s not going to get rid of my pain and inflammation. I’ve submerged my hands before in ice water and while it numbed my fingers, they still looked ugly. But, if nothing else this breathing technique and standing under cold water will allow me to challenge myself in ways I haven’t done before. I included a few videos of Wim Hof and he also published in a book in 2011 called Becoming the Iceman. With everything, there are naysayers and critics. I can’t really say whether it is not my cup of tea because I haven’t given it the good old try. If you do or have already done this, let me know what you think.


Coloring: Centering



Trifecta #26




Poem: Mighty Moose







You, the mighty moose, over there,

with your horns big and your body large.

What will you do today?

I wish you understood me,

the questions I’m asking and the phrases I’m uttering,

but all you do is stare,

sometimes at me and other times opposite.

Stay close to the grass,

I don’t want you running away from me,

the majestic creature you are,

the animal possessing great strength and power.

I would give you a crown if I had one,

but I’m a simple man out in nature,

with nothing in his hands.

Dare I take a picture of you?



January Forbes Quotes


Weekly Facts #4


Don’t whisper into someone’s ear when they are moose hunting in Alaska because it’s illegal to do this.   How do they monitor this?  Do they take the word of someone who reports this?  This would be classified as a stupid law to most people.



One pound of peanut butter can contain up to 150 bug fragments and five rodent hairs.  The FDA permits companies allowances for “other ingredients” in food.  One example is spices such as cinnamon, oregano, and majoram having insect fragments.  Another example is cocoa beans having a small amount of animal feces.




King Charles I’s favorite joke was to place his 18 inches tall court dwarf between two halves of bread and pretend to eat him.  His name was Jeffrey Hudson and was given the moniker Lord Minimus.  I’m sure he didn’t think this was funny and to top it off he died poor and buried in an unmarked grave.





Pluto is about the same size as Russia.  Pluto is about 17,646,012 square kilometers or 6,813,163 square miles.  Russia is  about 17,075,200 square kilometers or 6,592,772 square miles.



TSG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) makes sure the product is made a certain way. in the EU and when speaking of pizza, Italy.   A Neapolitan pizza must meet specific traditional regulations to have the TSG and AVPN logos attached to it.  




Hawaii is moving closer to Japan and is due to movement of plates.  It is estimated Hawaii moves between 2 to 4 inches per year.



Flash Fiction: Where Are You?


Trina knew it was easy to chase someone down when that person had wronged you.  She also knew it was harder to leave the person alone when you were right all along. This was what she was dealt when her brain stopped overthinking.  It was wet outside.  Her feet were cold and the words she said prior to the realization of his errors made her tighten her leg muscles.  These unforgivable words with hurtful meanings made her feel even colder and this hatred might never have a chance to die.  She was secretly heartbroken when she hopped in her car to chase after him. 

That was her knee she banged on the coffee table when she stepped into her living room without any lights later that night.  It sent her into a rage, overturning the table and the contents on it.  Her legs burned as  she sat for an hour, in the same position, stunned at how her rage had gotten the best of her in the dark.  When she stood, the opening in her heart that made her feel rotten closed up.  Her body stiffened as her legs before and it was time to sleep.

The next morning her right index finger hurt and not because she banged it on the edge of something.   She could not remember what had happened to it.  Maybe, when she picked up the upside-down table and hurled it across the room?  Maybe, when she slapped the refrigerator door because it didn’t shut as quickly as she wanted.  “You’re a fucking psycho.  I didn’t sign up for this shit,” he yelled.  These were the last words she heard as he drove away.  She never caught to him and had no idea where he had gone.  She found herself driving up and down streets, thinking God was on her side, that a miracle would occur.  It never did and eventually she stopped by a liquor store.

When the table collided with the picture of him, she vowed to keep no matter what happened between them, she was adamant he had little awareness of how selfish he had become.  “It wasn’t my fault he ran away scared.  A real man would stay and fight for me.”  She wanted answers and would make a surprise visit to his house by early afternoon.  This was the least he owed her for him leaving.  She fished for her Android in her purse and scrolled through her contacts to his name.  Her right index finger hovered over the phone button knowing she would never get the satisfaction she deserved.


Between Gnomes and Cupcakes

I haven’t had much time to spare between starting my new job and other things going in my life like eating a vegan cupcake as much as I wanted the non-vegan one.  I’ve been trying to play catch up with a lot of things and trying to keep my energy up when it’s been consistently down although no medical confirmation yet.  I swear it might be 2021 before I get my MRI at this rate.  I really hope not, but will be calling again to the UNLV tomorrow.  I no longer have to fix my car (as that became a non-issue for now) and my parents will be visiting me the first week of February so I’m trying to think of things to do when they arrive.  I call this the one time they visit me in Nevada as that is what they did in California.  I promise to post more this week so bear with me.  On that note, until more later.



Poem: Pathway









It’s not that it doesn’t matter,

I do,

sometimes to exhaustion,

this merry-go-round,

a never-ending style,

certain pains carried,

a baby stands.

It’s hard to find commitment,

I know,

when surprised by the elements

brand spanking new,

reminder of wisdom forgotten,

rejected and denied,

the baby walks.

It’s not the unseen,

I heard,

the one that whispers,

meaning it one way,

the opposite the next,

stirring in all directions,

not only up and down but diagonal,

the baby creates.


Weekly Facts #3

I started a new position at my current company.  I’m busy and more busy.  There is not a moment to spare.  I will not be probably including as much information this time or photos.  Here are the weekly facts for this week.

  1.  Thinking in a foreign language makes decisions more rational and judge risks more clearly.
  2.  Mondays are the most unproductive days of the week.  Only about 3.5 hours of work are actually done on Mondays.  This isn’t too surprising because as some people call it the Sunday dread. 
  3. Minnesota has about 90,000 miles of shoreline.  This is more than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined.  This is hard to believe, but the Mall of America is the size of 78 football fields.
  4. McDonald’s daily customer traffic is 62 million.  This is more than the population of Great Britain.  I still feel sorry for the McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc could’ve been a lot nicer to them along the way.
  5. You burn more calories sleeping than watching TV.  This makes sense because not only does watching TV tend to numb the mind, but sitting it not good for your body.  I know because I sit at work, sit when I write, sit when I blog, sit when I watch TV.  We have become a people of sitting.




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