Book Recommendation: Yakuza Moon

yakuza moon
We are born into the society our parents live and it becomes familiar to us.  We put our trust in those who raise us whether blood related or not despite what they do to us, good or bad.  Circumstances can change slowly over time or all of a sudden, but it still throws us into a tailspin.  Our foundation on which we, as children, stand on becomes unstable; and it takes often a lifetime as adults to heal from what occurred within our families as children. 
The author of this book, Shoko Tendo, speaks of the tenacity it takes to survive once the pieces have crumbled and no one is there to help you build again except yourself.  While the past influences much of how you act and do later in life, it does not have to completely control your future.  It takes strength to recognize what one must do to break free and more to not retreat back to the comforts of the days long gone.  Read this book if you enjoy personal journeys; and in this particular case highlights assumed privileges, eventual downfalls, and sole ownership of one’s life.
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