Is That Public Domain?

public domain

  I ran across some articles about the dangers of using pictures and images you aren’t completely sure about in terms of copyright issues.  I did some research and basically after reading way too much information about Creative Commons and Public Domain including all the trouble one might get into legally; well I hope to have satisfied the right people and companies after making some changes. 

     This leads me to the next but similar topic of how many bloggers actually get into trouble with using questionable copyrighted material.  I suppose it depends on the artist or musician or creator of whatever is being scrutinized that makes the decision on whether to take it to court or not.  It is definitely wrong if someone is making money off your product. 

     The thing is people never know if their images or products are used once a blogger puts themselves out there unless you have tracking programs like Getty Images.  To be on the safe side and bottom line is don’t use it or reach out to the person to get permission.  I wonder how many people are violating copyright laws on Facebook.  The numbers are probably astounding to the eye. 

     In terms of my own work, I would prefer other bloggers link, share, re-post my blogs, blurbs, and stuff over not.  I look at it from a different angle of why is the person doing this.  I’d rather have someone do it out of respect and genuineness vs. hatred and anger.  The sad thing is that people do troll for information just to create headaches and sometimes pain for bloggers who already probably suffer physically from both.  They don’t need this negativity and neither do I.  It shouldn’t discourage any blogger including myself to express themselves freely with words or pictures because constant looking over your shoulder for fear of being sued isn’t the way to live. 

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