Movie Recommendation: Contagion

I was away longer than I wanted because the circle thing in the picture below.  It made sure to let me know it had invaded my body and then some.  It knocked me down where I had to rest in bed and basically slept Thursday and Friday, got through work Saturday, and more rest on Sunday and Monday.  I’m feeling somewhat better today.  Thank God.
My recommendation is, of course, a movie related to sickness in the form of a virus that spreads rapidly.  Contagion, directed by Steven Soderbergh, has the perfect ending where you, as the viewer, completely understands the magnitude of infection and disease as it spreads.   It has stuck with me long after.  It also has an engaging beginning hook and a well-paced middle.
This definitely isn’t the feel good movie you want to watch at the end of a trying week.  It is coined as a “medical thriller, disaster film” for a reason.  I recommend watching it when you on the upswing in life as it realistically portrays what could happen although on a much smaller scale this did occur.  I only have this left to say:  remember to wash your hands. 
Cold Virus image by
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