The Hollywood Trend of Remakes and Reboots

There’s a Hollywood trend going on: the rebooting of long past television franchises and remakes of films already recognized for their great acclaim. I have no issue with this, but what does open my eyes is the sloppy decision making along the process in some productions.
I know viewers have an investment in the original because they tend to hold allegiance to what they already know including myself. I’m willing to give most movies a chance as I did Halloween by Rob Zombie, but when the light on the candle blows out in the first few scenes, I’m not clamoring to watch the second remake.
I won’t name the television show I tried to watch on Netflix recently. I wanted to hop on this bandwagon, but I could only get through five minutes of it before removing it from my queue. So why did I stop watching it? Because of the acting overall and especially of what I would say is the main character’s acting chops or lack thereof.
I began to think of the scenes from the 1980s series where the original actress understood the nuisances of the character. I thought maybe I was being too harsh on this new actress, but I don’t think I’m asking too much. It’s hard to get past people who force the acting. She sounded more like an actress in a body vs. a body in a body.
This finally leads to my movie recommendation where I think the original and remake are solidly worthy. I’m sure you’ve heard of the zombie movie, Dawn of the Dead. As a closing note about movies, what happened with the belly flop of King Arthur this weekend? I was hoping it would do well in the box office because I like Charlie Hunnam as an actor, and it looked like an interesting movie. I will have to read about its demise later. Happy movie watching everyone and good night.

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