A Very Short Blog More Than Likely Leading to Another Blog Later

Just a few quotes as I’m writing a short story about a vampire, and hoping to be done by the end of this week along a new coloring, but I’m realizing the story goes where the story wants to go.

I equally like vampire and zombie movies, but if I had the choice between meeting one in actual life, I would pick the vampire.  The death appears to be quicker unless you meet one that likes to prolong things.  Humans who were sadists, then turn into vampires remain the same.  I might be able to convince one who is mentally healthy to spare my life, but who knows.


On the flip side, zombies are also dead, but have much less going on inside their brains.  I could probably outrun a few slow moving zombies, but many of them in all directions, more than likely not.  There is no hope if they are fast because I’m not a sprinter by any means.  The thought of getting eaten alive doesn’t sound all that fun, but neither does fangs piercing my skin.

I don’t have any ambition to live forever if given the chance, and I would rather not dumb myself down to the status of being zombied out, so the lesser of the two would ultimately be the vampire that doesn’t sparkle.

© 2017 Pisaries Creator

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