The Endeavour Again? I Guess So!

I was perfectly fine seeing Endeavour only once, but since I was at the CA Science Center I thought to myself, WHY NOT?  It’s like seeing the Queen Mary twice.  Once would have been perfectly fine with me, but when the opportunity knocks, you go.  Going to see Endeavour again did allow me to buy two mugs.  I took more pictures, but this time with a different camera.  Similar to the ones I probably took the first time.  There were a few additions to the exhibit.  I mingled in a few old pictures with the recent ones.  I did get a video of it this time around.  Something to cherish forever, but if seen a third time you might see me staring at the walls with a blank stare on my face.  The Natural History Museum or La Brea Tar Pits come next, please and thank you.

Endeavour’s Glory



Endeavour’s Three Engines


Control to Major Tom


Storage Unit


Endeavour’s Underbelly


Endeavour’s Front Side

Endeavour’s Fuel Tank


One Endeavour Cup is NOT Enough

Space Shuttle Timeline


Space Toilet


Video of Endeavour

The Best for Last

Random Cat Near the Fuel Tank





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