Book Recommendation: Freakonomics


“Information is a beacon, a cudgel, an olive branch, a deterrent–all depending on who wields it and how.”

-Steven D. Levitt-

“If you ask enough questions, strange as they seem at the time, you may eventually learn something worthwhile.”

-Stephen Dubner-

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Publication: August 25, 2009 Original edition

Page Number: 315 pages

Documentary: 2010

Contrary to the title of this book, Freakonomics is not so much a book about economics as it is about sociological phenomena discussed by an economist, Levitt, and Dubner, musician and writer who was story editor at The New York Times Magazine. There is an updated and revised version of this book published in 2006 due to the embellishment of one of their sources. Despite this flaw which they corrected, it’s a type of book where many leapt into bookstores or ordered online because it is written for the reader to understand. Freakonomics includes interesting topics from cheating in school, real-estate, KKK, drug dealing, abortion legalization, parenting, and naming children. The authors make comparisons throughout the booking, often incorporating how it relates to criminology data and trends. I read this quite a while ago, meaning I was one of those who ran to the bookstore, but now it is time for me to invest some of my time on SuperFreakonomics, and re-watch the documentary.

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