Flash Fiction: The Secret Within

(In order to get these done and not have them sit in my queue for another year, I’ve made these short stories even shorter so they are basically flash fiction.  I warn you they are written without really any planning in mind.  Let’s just say they won’t go down as being one of my strongest writing examples.)

The Secret Within


I have a little secret.  I have never told it to anyone for fear what people might think of me, but it’s time to reveal the authentic me.  Everyone thought I was such a nice person.   There were no bad bones in my body and no evil bones to break in others.  You will find out I am not nice, and I break bones.  In fact, I had most of my family fooled including my parents.  I fought the urges, becoming what I am today, but an impressionable child will covet the wrong toys because they need them to become the rotten adult with power.

Family friends and strangers grew up thinking, quite stupidly, their well-being was my highest priority.  I twisted the truth in every encounter, far and near.  They ate out of my palms willingly.  I shudder to think how easy it was to get them to do things they never would think of doing had it not been for my influence.  They feared and hated me, but never realized why.  Observers with their curious expressions came to me for answers, only to be disappointed when they arrived home that the emptiness inside them was still there.

People told me they knew things.  They boasted how many languages they spoke.  People told me they owned expensive items.  They hopped in their high-priced cars only they could afford, cutting off others because they drove jalopy cars.  Speed doesn’t matter when you’re a fraud.  These people will never be aware of the truth during any part of their life.  It isn’t written in books or passed down from generation to generation by speaking.  This wisdom can only be spread and that is by looking inward.  If you don’t know how to kill something inside you without a pained look on your face, then you will never be ready to kill something around you when it escapes. 

This had become a certain kind of survival from man-made establishments.  We all seek to gain independence from these people who I hope to destroy one by one.  There can be no change without destruction of the cowards acting as victims.  Good judgment is hard to come by these days, and I hope to change this even if it means alienating every friend and crushing every foe.  Power is a silent best friend or your worst chattering enemy.  I never believed my purpose until you shoved your way into the spotlight.  First prize went to you.  Second prize to everyone else.  Waiting is one of my strong points.  Open your eyes and you will see.  I will not only take third prize, but every ribbon that already  has been cut.



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