Poem: In the Sand

Tiny villages in the sand go about their business,

Too insignificant for the human eye to give much attention,

but not the tiny giants who live close by.

They want to go beyond and see the other side,

but they are not viewed as a good thing,

and the tiny people think of them as menaces.

It doesn’t matter if they offer friendship,

or state their infinite supply of compassion,

or claim they are built for security.

The tiny people rely on themselves,

not liking handouts or gifts,

and don’t trust anybody but themselves for stability.

But, some of the tiny villages have been destroyed by another enemy,

giving good reason for the tiny person to approach the tallest giant,

and ask for things that are whispered.

This could be the start where life becomes fuller and sweeter,

maybe a little bit tastier for everyone,

but no one can have great things, if no one makes the first move.



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