Future 2021-2023

Hello, My Future Friends


Believe it or not I’m already thinking of ideas for another poetry collection that will have obviously new poems in it and related to specific subject matter. When it is ready, they will be able to to purchased for a small price in e-book and print on demand that will cost a little more. I don’t know when it will be released, but I’m learning to go with the flow. It’s all in a day’s progress to remain calm while knowing I want to complete many writing ideas and rejoice a little bit when it is finally published. This year I wrote the below about being a writer and the need to write (yeah that). Until more later, keep writing writers, keep dreaming dreamers, and keep creating creators.

People are more than bones and muscles and fat. People have emotions and feelings and intelligence. The key difference between poets and non-poets is the following, actually any writer for that matter.  A non-writer can live with a broken bone, smaller muscles, or more fat for a period of time.  However, a writer can’t live without writing because eventually emotions, feelings, and intelligence forms itself into a restless ball. If it isn’t written in a notebook or punched on the keyboard, a nagging combination of irritation and anxiety often forms. Sometimes determination as well in the mix, and this is my take on the major difference between writers and everyone else.

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