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Journal Entry Type #44: How Different Are We? Very, I Hope!

I’ve been watching more shows than I probably should since getting Amazon and the first streaming service I watched, Netflix.  I’ve watched a documentary about Darrell Hammond, powerfully explosive and recommend it to anyone who wants to see the effects of child abuse.  You… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #44: How Different Are We? Very, I Hope!”

Journal Entry Type #23: Five Day Reprieve

I’ve been feeling stretched thin, pulled in many directions, like I have for much of my life. You might be asking yourself, why the hell is this person so wound up all the time? Like one of those old toys where the ticker inside… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #23: Five Day Reprieve”

Things People Should Talk About

I’ve been absent for a while.  Why?  Because the last few weeks have been harder on me.  Basically when it comes to emotions and things like that.  I say this because spring time, for some reason although it’s pretty self-explanatory when I think about… Continue Reading “Things People Should Talk About”

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