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Two Children Book Recommendations

I’ve become acquainted with children’s books again.  These are two books that caught my eye as I was browsing the shelves.  There are about as many selections for children as there are for each kind of subject of adult books.  I have read both… Continue Reading “Two Children Book Recommendations”

Not Your Typical S.K. in L.A.

From the Streets of Pusan (now Busan) to Living in the Midwest (now Los Angeles) This has all the tragic workings of an after school special, but there is no other way to state the beginning of my life.  I was found wandering the… Continue Reading “Not Your Typical S.K. in L.A.”

Book Recommendation: Serendipity Series (for Children)

This is a little departure from my normal book recommendation.  It might be because I’m getting to the age where my perspective on life is changing.  I’m also doing some good old fashion reminiscing of the days past.  The books in this series were… Continue Reading “Book Recommendation: Serendipity Series (for Children)”

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