Short Review of The Blacklist Season 8 (2020-2021)

Let me put your mind at ease, I am never telling you anything.

-Raymond Reddington-

When COVID stopped all productions in Hollywood, The Blacklist was one of them. The final episode of season 7 wasn’t the greatest but when it came back for season 8, there were definitely some questions needing to be answered. Long before I knew Megan Boone was leaving the show due to her missing in many of the episodes in season 7, I had a good feeling she wasn’t coming back after season 8. I was right but what surprised me was the creator, Jon Bokenkamp, leaving his creation. It might give the new person taking the lead the ability to guide the show on a different path. It is clear the loyal watchers including me want to know who truly Raymond Reddington is and where Elizabeth Keen’s mother has been hiding all these years. I could see the show lasting one more season being the last one and tying it up nice and neat. I mean how many lives does Reddington have? He’s escaped death many times and with his illness, his time is limited. The focus could go back in the direction of finding a successor of Reddington now that Elizabeth is gone. He still cares about his legacy and wants full control of his secrets long after he is dead. There are ways to change the angle of Reddington’s inevitable death so he gets another life. The writer’s could pull it off but who knows. I think season 9 should focus on Raymond and Katarina Rostova. Now that Neville Townsend is out of the way, who is going to take care of Agnes? I hope this show doesn’t fall into the same trap of revolving through the same doors season after season. I don’t think it will because while I enjoyed watching Aram investigate the Butterfinger undercover operation while it was on hiatus, it’s not the same thing as watching the progression of a worthy show.

The Blacklist Season 8 gets Four Fingers and One Thumb at 93%.

July Quotes About Books

Trifecta #63

Poem: Missing

one hour in a time of need,
the one i most rely on is gone,
i am alone without an objective,
the time is almost near.
who shall i turn to now?
two more hours until my strength offers up,
to the resistant violent winds and waves,
no one stands straight anymore,
slouching toward the intricate carving.
was my nature only in my head?
i don’t remember the words,
the purpose and meaning gone,
floating away at fast speeds,
knowing the chance has been lost.
what will i be next?

The First but Not the Last

This book is about 20 years late but as the saying goes, better late than never. This is a story that chose me instead of the other way around. I will probably never revisit this genre again. I have 15 other stories to write that will take less time except maybe for my trilogy that might only be one book by the end. My debut novel is geared more toward the female reader, but I know of a few men who want to read it. Think of this as advertisement of my novel. It is called Beyond the First Handshake and will soon be published for purchase on Amazon in paperback for $12.99 or Kindle format for $5.99. It is 348 pages long in paperback and 320 pages long on Kindle. Thank you in advance for purchasing it and stay tuned in later 2022 and later 2023 (projected dates) for my second and third novels (if everything goes as planned). Then, my trilogy, more novels, and entry into novellas. I end with a quote about writing.

Books aren’t written – they’re rewritten. Including your own. It is one of the hardest things to accept, especially after the seventh rewrite hasn’t quite done it.

-Michael Crichton-

More You Know: Scripps Spelling Bee Winners

Some years have one winner and others have more than one. This year of 2021, Zaila Avant-garde, won the competition. She is the first African-American to win this award. She won by spelling the word murraya correctly, which is a flowering plant. She’s all in the Guinness Book of World Records.

YearScripps Spelling Bee Winner(s)
1925Frank Neuhauser
1926Pauline Bell
1927Dean Lucas
1928Betty Robinson
1929Virginia Hogan
1930Helen Jensen
1931Ward Randall
1932Dorothy Greenwald
1933Alma Roach
1934Sarah Wilson
1935Clara Mohler
1936Jean Trowbridge
1937Waneeta Beckley
1938Marian Richardson
1939Elizabeth Ann Rice
1940Laurel Kuykendall
1941Louis Edward Sissman
1942Richard Earnhart
1946John McKinney
1947Mattie Lou Pollard
1948Jean Chappelear
1949Kim Calvin
1950Diana Reynard/Colquitt Dean
1951Irving Belz
1952Doris Ann Hall
1953Elizabeth Hess
1954William Cashore
1955Sandra Sloss
1956Melody Sachko
1957Dana Bennett/Sandra Owen
1958Jolitta Schlehuber
1959Joel Montgomery
1960Henry Feldman
1961John Capehart
1962Nettie Crawford/Michael Day
1963Glen Van Slyke III
1964William Kerek
1965Michael Kerpan Jr.
1966Robert A. Wake
1967Jennifer Reinke
1968Robert L. Walters
1969Susan Yoachum
1970Libby Childress
1971Jonathan Knisely
1972Robin Kral
1973Barrie Trinkle
1974Julie Ann Junkin
1975Hugh Tosteson García
1976Tim Kneale
1977John Paola
1978Peg McCarthy
1979Katie Kerwin
1980Jacques Bailly
1981Paige Pipkin
1982Molly Dieveney
1983Blake Giddens
1984Daniel Greenblatt
1985Balu Natarajan
1986Jon Pennington
1987Stephanie Petit
1988Rageshree Ramachandran
1989Scott Isaacs
1990Amy Marie Dimak
1991Joanne Lagatta
1992Amanda Goad
1993Geoff Hooper
1994Ned G. Andrews
1995Justin Tyler Carroll
1996Wendy Guey
1997Rebecca Sealfon
1998Jody-Anne Maxwell
1999Nupur Lala
2000George Thampy
2001Sean Conley
2002Pratyush Buddiga
2003Sai Gunturi
2004David Tidmarsh
2005Anurag Kashyap
2006Kerry Close
2007Evan O’Dorney
2008Sameer Mishra
2009Kavya Shivashankar
2010Anamika Veeramani
2011Sukanya Roy
2012Snigdha Nandipati
2013Arvind Mahankali
2014Sriram J. Hathwar/Ansun Sujoe
2015Vanya Shivashankar/Gokul Venkatachalam
2016Jangam Hathwar/Nihar Saireddy Janga
2017Ananya Vinay
2018Karthik Nemmani
2019Rishik Gandhasri/Erin Howard/Saketh Sundar/ Shruthika Padhy/Sohum Sukhatankar/Abhijay Kodali/Christopher Serrao/Rohan Raja
2021Zaila Avant-garde

Book Recommendation: I Wear The Black Hat

Quote by Klaus Kinski

“One should judge a man mainly from his depravities. Virtues can be fakes. Depravities are real.”

Publication Date: July 1, 2014

Publisher: Scribner

Page Number: 256

I am currently reading 15, now 14 books at one time, and not getting very far. Add into that trying to work on three novels at a time (1 almost done, 1 halfway done, 1 ten pages done) and other pursuits as well means I don’t have much time for other things I should be doing. It results in having June come and go. It results in the first week of July being gone already. However, this book was a worthy read. I Wear the Black Hat covers many topics and unlike a book that spews material that is interesting but does not much depth (one comes to mind I will not name), the platform of this book is brutish behavior and branches out from there. Chuck Klosterman provides all the information, facts, and insights that makes a non-fiction book interesting. It sort of reminds me of a book I read that deals with evil although this was not as academically inclined. Some topics include Bill Clinton, The Eagles, Ted Bundy, The Sopranos, O.J. Simpson, Seinfeld, Chevy Chase, and Basic Instinct. I chuckled in parts of this book unlike other books I’ve read. This book is honest, true, funny, and points out the mishaps of Americans whether football players, musicians, or politicians. Well worth the read.

Journal Entry Type #99: Not Keeping Up At All

I am not keeping up at all with my blog. There are many reasons why. I will not go into all of them. I ended up writing seven pages in my actual journal today. I needed to get out of a lot of shit, as they say. I needed to digest everything that has been going on in my life, both creatively and uncreatively. Does that make sense? I’ve been thinking about my writing again, in general, and how much I can’t wait to get back into my second and third novel idea. I’m going to be working on both very soon, hoping within the next few weeks, because that means I will have my first novel self-published. It has been the complete thorn in my side and then some. I can’t wait until it’s all done. It’s taking longer than I had hoped. Better in July than never although June would have been better. It’s now July and still hot in LV. No one should be surprised by this. I’ve completed watching some shows, continuing on with others, and becoming increasingly annoyed at all the streaming services popping up everywhere. They have become the new Starbucks in the entertainment world. It’s like they are trying to push cable TV to extinction as someone recently said to me. This might not be a bad idea but it’s gotten so bad to the point of utter stupidity. I remember when you could buy Microsoft Office and upload it to your computer. Now you have to buy it every year as if it is never owned by you. Don’t get me started what Apple is doing with movies and music. I mean who cares if you bought the movie or album? That doesn’t mean it can’t go away in the future. Huh? Bottom line is to back up your shit that’s important to you, meaning that favorite movie you love, because you’re sick of all the clutter of owning actual movie discs and got rid of said disc. Now that I’ve said my peace with that, it’s time for me to move forward and onward. I’ve been moving like a snail’s pace it seems but the good thing is I get weekends off again, at least for a while, and what I call get it while it’s hot. So, yes, I’m not keeping up. Frankly, I don’t care. It’s my life and my decision. I don’t rely on my blog for money although maybe I should. Someone also recently said it’s annoying to have to sit through and watch all these damn advertisements on blogs. I’m proud to say there are none on mine or so I believe. I get that you make your blog/website more profitable with more clicks, but let me tell you there is a downside to it too. It could be an utter turnoff and people won’t visit your blog or website anymore. Have you ever watched a video where there is 30 seconds of advertisement? I skip these videos unless it’s something I really want to see. Otherwise, it’s not worth to me. I don’t want to make that time. So, this is all I have for now. Basically, as the second half of 2021 is upon us, I will be blogging less to make room for other things in my life although right now I’m not doing too much right now besides working, eating, sleeping, and reading. On that note, I will still be blogging and try better with shorter periods of time in between entries.

Poem: Death of N.R.Y.G.

Pick up the phone, no one answers.
I miss you already, and search for a dial tone.
On a cold night, the heat rises too high.
Quell the sadness by any means.
Unnecessary to state the obvious.
There is no headstone and no etched name.
Only a dying city.

Poem: Life of A.V.N.W.

Looking in the tall mirror, your vision short.
Lagging behind, not ready to move.
Hold the bar tight like super glue.
Twirl around more than once.
Now stop, I'm getting dizzy.
It's amazing you have survived.
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