Random Calendar Info #29

The Seacrest Wolf Preserve houses gray and Arctic wolves in the U.S.

Cal Ripken Jr. broke Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game record in 1995.

ESPN first aired in 1979.

Some of the top beef producing nations include U.S., China, and India.

Singer Amy Winehouse died in 2011.

Grover Cleveland made Labor Day a national holiday in 1894.

The diameters of galaxies range from 3,000 light-years to 500,000 light-years.

Singer Patsy Cline died in 1963.

Around 63% of American men worked past the age of 65 in 1900.

Journal Entry Type #144: Be Real Not Fake, Please!

Hello everyone,

I’m starting this out a little differently by how I started this JET. I suppose I’m way overdue on my blog entries for September, given it’s now the 8th of this month. Two family members have a birthday this month and will be half a century old. Jeez, time flies by when living your adult life. This means I’m getting closer to that age as well, that dreaded age to some which is 50, if you haven’t put two and two together. I have a sarcastic side to me, if you haven’t noticed already, but I’m also into empathy and consideration. I speak up for myself as well, more so than ever, because being assertive is a positive trait to have when done the right way. I’ve been around many people in public and some strangers are nice and others not to nice.

Lately, I’m thinking of a person I know who has the hardest outer shell I’ve seen in a while. The person also spits when talking to you, which is gross in and of itself, but this isn’t the biggest turnoff. It’s the person’s attitude and how the s/he treats others that’s the ugliest part of him or her. The inside core of who s/he is signals unhappiness in his or her own life. S/he barks orders while being lazy as I’ve heard stories and walks around as if s/he owns the place. In other words, s/he is a narcissist with ineffective communication skills. I don’t know how this person has gotten to where they are now. Seriously, I don’t know how. This is not my call nor my problem (well in some respects).

I suppose I bring this up because I’d rather not be around this person and maybe soon, I will get my wish. More or less, this person is responsible for his or her own unhappiness because this person is definitely not happy. I’m not going to take this stupidity on my shoulders or let it affect me when I’m not around this person. This is probably one of the biggest challenges to many people, which is not bringing outside experiences with you when you step into your apartment or house. Avoidance isn’t the right answer either. I think a happy medium is good, if it is there to find. I keep my distance from this person as much as possible, but the fakeness is ever present. I’d rather have the person not talk to me at all compared to someone clearly forcing themselves to be semi-human with his or her fake politeness. It’s not a pretty sight.

This blog was meant to be more uplifting and positive. I failed in this respect but it’s the real me as I’ve tried my best to be authentic in my private life as I am around others in public. I’ve improved in some areas where the image of myself is closer to the actual person I am. There’s more work to do. I’ve gotten back into writing and plan on doing more this weekend although I have to spend more time on the weekdays in order for me to finish my second novel. I’ve also gotten back into reading, coloring, and puzzling but slower than in the past. I used to read books as if they were going out of style and coloring when I wasn’t working as much and puzzling instead of overeating.

Maybe, I should get back into doing all those things with that mindset, but this is a part of growing up. I’m not the same person I was 20 years ago. The remaining 50 or more years if I’m lucky remain to be seen but the imagination of it is more realistic than ever before. The similarities of my goals and frustrations haven’t changed much and this is where I find myself now, moving forward in a linear fashion. I venture to say many others are too in their lives.

Poem: Highway of Life

When I’m sitting down, full of my own stink,

I wonder many things most people think about.

The problems continue to spin around,

at a fast pace, never slowing down when it should.

And I’m not sure who will replace the darkness within,

shine a light on it, and send it on its way.

There is a presence here, a kind of shadow,

whether remaining sitting or the courage to stand,

I am on the highway to somewhere.

Random Calendar Info #28

Jim Henson grew up in Mississippi, the creator of Kermit the Frog, and was born in 1936.

Jones Bar-B-Q Diner in Arkansas has been operating since 1910 which is in their home.

One of the tallest geoglyphs called Atacama Giant is in Huara, Chile and stands 300 feet or 86 meters tall.

The Nuuk Center in Greenland is a mall on the bottom and government building on the top.

The Atomium in Brussels, Belgium is 335 tall or 102 meters tall and has nine spheres.

Punta Campanella is a watchtower in Italy built in the 14th century.

Gintaras Karosas created a modern art museum in Lithuania in 1991.

Journal Entry Type #143: Life Gets Busier Not Less So

I’ve been reading a handful of books including a bunch of graduation speeches by Kurt Vonnegut. I need to read more of his work such as his novels. What I’m reading, while I don’t agree with everything he says, I do get where he is coming from (yes, I know you shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition). Now that I’m not in school anymore, I don’t really care unless I’m writing a story of some kind. This isn’t a story of any kind. It’s a journal entry type or blog entry or whatever you want to call it. Someone recently said he wanted to make a T-shirt out of my fascination or maybe addiction to puzzles. I have way too many of them and little time to put them together. The story of my life as it pertains to everything I own: books, movies, tv shows, cups, post cards. Not enough time to read, watch, write, and more. This is my current puzzle I have yet to put together. I’m thinking my retirement plan will still trying to find time to do everything I want to do, those things I didn’t have the time to do while working full time (such as now), and wishing I had the money and fortitude to do what I really want in my life. I wish I could retire right now when in fact I have more years ahead of me of working 40 hours a week unless I take some major risks and put myself out there. Most everyone rewards someone who tries something new, but in the end, it’s just you holding the pieces when it doesn’t work, and I don’t want to be in this situation.

Sometimes, I want to open my own business, but you need all kinds of advertisement, followers, buyers, and sustainability, which I’m not sure I can maintain year after year let alone month after month. This is why starter companies begin in the basement or living room of their house or apartment. Even doing this part time would be nice, but I think good luck trying to find the time to write. I can kiss that goodbye in a heartbeat and all the novels and novellas I’d like to write definitely will NEVER be written. Then again, they aren’t being written now either so maybe I should just take the plunge and open a business online and see where it goes. It might give me something to do while I’m mindlessly watching TV although that doesn’t happen often because most of the time, I’m watching something I really want to see. All I know is despite feeling stuck, there are options for me out there. I maybe have an opportunity to move back to CA next year and sort of want to take that plunge too. Getting back to weather that is not so hot is appealing as well as living closer to the ocean. Jeez, I really miss the ocean or maybe it’s knowing it is close to visit unlike where I live now. I’m trying to find the better slivers of living on Planet Earth and remain positive about my future even though I wish I had a different job that paid more and afforded me more security as my previous job did (in terms of pay). Granted, I definitely wasn’t living in the lap of luxury by any means but hopefully you know what I mean. I’m ending this with two more quotes from Kurt Vonnegut as it rings true today as it did back then when he wrote his speeches.

Random Calendar Info #27

Ray Chapman became the first baseball player to die from getting hit in the head in 1920.

High Trestle Trail in Iowa used to be a railroad can only be crossed on foot, bicycle or horseback.

The next solar eclipse is on April 8, 2024.

There are 63 National Parks in the U.S.

New Hampshire is called the Granite state.

RMS Lusitania sunk in 1915.

Pluto became a dwarf planet in 2006.

Comcast Technology Center is the tallest building in Philadelphia with 59 stories.

NYC Empire State Building and Chrysler Building use Art Deco architecture.

Poem: Indecision

I find myself flitting in between happiness and dreariness,

loathing what makes me unhappy and secretly embracing

the other parts ripping my brains apart and forces my heart

to beat faster than it should.

There is nothing worse than knowing you are nothing,

being nothing, and doing nothing, always wanting more

and knowing what is growing inside of you has been placed

there unwillingly by the worst reactions and strongest fears.

I gather all the possessions given to me out of pity,

knowing they hold no importance or secrets and will be

burned by the largest of recent fires because there is

no one else alive that matters.

Flash Fiction: The Beginnings

(I wrote this after watching the first episode of House of the Dragon and seriously want to begin my trilogy series or at least make it into one big book but first I have to finish my second novel idea).

In the stillness of the day, I sit hunched forward on my wooden chair. I'm waiting for the time to come, not letting my mind get away from me. People are counting on me and this I will take to my grave when I am wrapped in cloth with some token hidden in my pocket. I have this all arranged, my confidant will slip it into my coffin at the last moment, and the transformation will begin.

Now is not the time to mourn the future loss of me but to know the future wherever that might be and whatever that date might be, this change will not be in vain. I was never a weak person my enemies thought me to be and will be recognized as the answer to generations of strength, power, and wholeness. I was the true beginning of my family's heroic victory. The night I was born, the day I died, and the day I was reborn intersected with the evilest and brightest along the longitudinal and latitudinal lines.  

My purpose was to eradicate the darkness that inhabited parts of the New World. I will see to it the infancy stage won't grow past a few moments of adulthood, for if it does, we all die in terrible ways. My ancestors failed to realize this truth. I might have stumbled along the way, but I learned because I listened when they argued, and ruled when the people gave me the proper signal.  

Advice Type #9: Should You Get a Tattoo of Your Significant Other’s Name?

Someone I know got the name of the person he was dating on his body. He treats tattoos as if they are candy to be eaten. There’s nothing wrong with it. I was a little more discerning about what I got permanently etched on my body although looking back, I wonder why the hell I got some of them. The ones I thought were cool are still cool but need to be touched up in the worst way. The ones I don’t particularly care for need to be touched up in a severe way. I still want to get seven more as that was always my goal of having 13 of them. Here I am, 20 plus years after I got my first one and still have an even number of them. I would be satisfied with having seven and my last one being on my neck. I doubt that will happen until much later such as after I retire or maybe if I’m pretty much secure in a job where my work says it isn’t perceived as a job stopper or looked down upon. There isn’t much taboo anymore about tattoos but not everyone is hip to them.

The one tattoo I think no one should get because nothing is forever (even if you think it is) is getting the name of the person you care about etched on your body. I’m adamantly against it because people marry for the right reasons and get divorced 30 years, people marry because they feel pressured to marry and get divorced 10 years later, or people marry for the wrong reasons and get divorced 5 or less years later. My point is if you are okay with permanence whether you stay together with the person or not, then getting a tattoo is not a big deal of the person’s name. Yet, you will always have the reminder of the person. A good example is Johnny Depp’s tattoo of Winona Ryder that now says Wino Forever unless he got them lasered off, which is a solution to take if you want them removed. Of course, you need the money to do it and not everyone is Marky Mark/Mark Wahlberg. The other issue with that is it’s painful and it takes more than a few visits to completely remove it.

However, my viewpoint of getting the name of a pet you once had is okay because that will probably be my last tattoo. Some people might find it stupid but if it has significance, then ultimately why not? But and a huge but is nothing is forever except a few universal principles. The love of an animal hardly ends after s/he dies. This is my advice to people who like tattoos. They should be inspiring and have meaning in a perfect world. If they don’t, it’s okay but don’t get something just for the sake of inking up without any thought. I did that once and I sort of regret it although I do get compliments on the pretty simple design. Relationships whether short term or long term and married or unmarried shouldn’t be taken lightly. Instead of getting a name tattooed on your arm, get something more discreet like a symbol. I’d rather have a symbol I can sort of hide if I ever find myself single vs the in-your-face name of a person. Think smart and logical. How many people are out there wishing they didn’t get a butterfly on their lower back or barbed wire on their upper arm? just saying.

Trifecta #91

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