Random Calendar Info #38

Visovac Monastery in Croatia is a place for young men who are preparing themselves for priesthood.

Shah Jahan had the Taj Mahal built to honor his wife after her death in 1631.

Lake Tana is the source of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia.

Sugar Ray Robinson won the welterweight title in 1946 against Tommy Bell.

Humphrey Bogart died in 1957.

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide are the largest cities in Australia.

John C. Calhoun was the first U.S. vice president to resign from office.

Issac Asimov died in 1992.

Random Calendar Info #37

Oak Ridge in Tennessee was the development base of nuclear weapons in the U.S. during the 1940s.

Tallest building in Atlanta, Georgia is Bank of America Plaza at 55 stories and 1,023 feet tall.

George Washington died in his Virginian home in 1799.

Strilkivtsi, Ukraine was a hiding place for 38 Ukrainian Jews during WWII.

Lanai City in Hawaii has a population of around 3,000 people.

Chacaltaya Ski Resort was the only resort in Bolivia during the 1930s.

A Christmas Story movie was made in 1983.

The projection world population in 2025 is 8 billion people.

Montenegro has been attacked in history by Romans, Serbians, Venetians, Russians, British, and more.

Oceanographic Museum in Monaco is dedicated to the study of the ocean and hold around 6,000 species of sea creatures collected during the 20th century.

December Quotes

Random Advice Type #13: Look Where You Are Walking

You shouldn’t keep your head down when you’re walking on a sidewalk or during a crosswalk. You should be aware of what’s in front of you. You shouldn’t have your eyes glued to your phone either as many people do. The thing is when you are walking down the stairs people rarely look down because they have the spatial ability to gauge when to step down each step and when their feet is on level ground. Sometimes it is best to look down once in a while. If I had, I wouldn’t have twisted my ankles, landed on my knees, and rolled onto my back. The second piece of advice to give you is after you tumble (without broken bones or anything serious) is to find the humor in it. Call it what it is but I was laughing after it happened because the description of what I did was hilarious by the person who said it. Take it from me. Put your phone down when you’re driving or walking. The only time you should be on your phone is when you are sitting or standing. Like I say you can be as careful as you want, but you don’t control what others are doing. Better to have a mild concussion than brains on the highway (wear a helmet). Better to have whiplash and bruises than fly through a windshield. You get the point. Take precautions but when the unexpected happens, keep perspective and carry on.

Journal Entry Type #152: What Difference a Week Makes!

It’s been a long three years since I lost my job during COVID. I wasn’t able to replace what I had lost quickly. It took quite a long time and there were many instances where I was certain all the doors were closed to me. I was certain that the opportunities out there didn’t apply to me. I tried my best to hold it together as much as I could, knowing I was never that well off to begin with, but at least, I was able to live with less worry. I was offered a job only a few days ago and yet, it seems like a whole new kind of day. I knew it wouldn’t solve all my problems and I’d have a probationary period like all jobs have. I put my best foot forward during my interviews, was confident but not cocky, and had no expectations. I had to move forward and explore my options such as possibly going back to school or keep applying to jobs with vigor. Here I am finishing my last two weeks in my current job before countless people celebrate Christmas and I’ll be off on the 24th and 25th. Maybe, there’s a little more to be happy about and rejoice this year. I’ll also be off on January 1st or maybe I’m assuming I will be because in my future job I don’t think will make people work on the 31st of December into the 1st because it falls on the weekend. I’m reminding myself to be calm and know I can handle what my duties will be in my new job much like I was able to do in my current job when I first started. Everyone has a learning period with something new and look forward to learning new skills but more the chance to grow with the company. While I could’ve answered some questions better during the interviews, I left knowing I had given it my best. As I said before, money isn’t everything, but it does mean something when it comes to survival.

Random Calendar Info #36

The U.S. divorce rate was 5.3 per 1,000 population in 1981.

Walt Disney died in 1966.

Busiest airport in 2019 was Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl. with 110,531,300 passengers.

The largest tidal range is in Canada at Bay of Fundy where it reaches 53 feet.

The Bosnian War lasted from 1992 to 1995.

A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired in 1965.

Emily Dickinson died in 1886.

Java Trench is around 24,000 feet down in the Indian Ocean.

Lisbon is the westernmost national capital in Europe.

Gaet’ale Pond in Ethiopia is the saltiest naturally occurring body of water.

Poem: Night

Wrong or not, you continue to fight
for what is right 
within you own eyesight.
No one thinks about the cost,
doing something good or bad,
until it ripples through us all.

Moonless and starless,
only darkness at night,
can’t see who is right despite the bitter night.

Powerful men and women don't bite,
don't pay attention to those of us who fight.
They ignore when we say please 
and thank you, ignore the curses of the agitator 
and the mitigator.

Appropriate or not, you jump and quickly get out,
praying for their self-doubt, but knowing
you are deeply wrong.

Terrible and awful, 
cursing you all the way through,
won’t know the other side until they're
done with you.

Certain people know what they are,
don’t care about anything or anyone.
No amount of sin will wash away
dirty hands and feet.

Voiceless and earless,
Only silence at night,
Can’t hear who is crying in sight,
That’s not how they fight.

(Short) Movie Review: The Outfit (2022)

It’s at the finishings that you must come to terms with the idea that perfection is a necessary goal, precisely because it is unattainable. If you don’t aim for perfection, you cannot make anything great. And yet true perfection is impossible.

-Leonard Burling-

Mark Rylance is an underrated actor and I encourage everyone to watch this movie as it shows the greatness of writing, casting, and editing to make it a captivating drama movie without car chases, superheroes, and many locations. In fact, there is one location throughout the whole movie and yet, you feel as if you’ve experienced the story from many different angles. There is little missing in this movie to make it better. The scenes unfold in the right amount of time and speed up when needed. The Outfit is written by Graham Moore and Johnathan McClain and stars Mark Rylance as Leonard Burling, Zoey Deutch as Mable Shaun, Dylan O’Brien as Richie Boyle, Johnny Flynn as Francis, Simon Russell Beale as Roy Boyle, Alan Mehdizadeh as Monk, and Nikki Amuka-Bird as Violet LaFontaine. It is rated R and is one hour and 46 minutes.

The location is in a tailor shop in Chicago during the mid 1950s where Leonard is quick to establish there is a difference between a cutter and a tailor. Leonard’s shop is used by Roy Boyle and his son, Richie, for their mob business. When Richie arrives with a gunshot in his stomach, Leonard helps him survive his wounds and finds himself in a delicate situation. There is an FBI recording of the gang’s operations and where the tape actually is remains a mystery. When Roy arrives to get answers about his son’s disappearance, Leonard continues his charade of not knowing what really happened to Richie. No one is going anywhere according to Roy and when an unexpected call comes into the shop, someone’s going to have to answer for Richie. The complete mystery of Leonard is no more as he reveals his motivations. The past becomes the present and the present becomes his future.

I rate The Outfit FOUR FINGERS and ONE THUMB at 100%.

(Short) Movie Review: Underwater (2020)

There are things will happen and make you feel powerless, and make you feel insignificant, but that’s it. There are just feelings. and sometimes you have to stop feeling and start doing.

-Norah Price-

Underwater is about a team of underwater researchers stuck in a station near the Mariana Trench while being attacked by an unknown creature. Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad were the screenwriters while William Eubank directed the movie. The major cast was Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel, Jessica Henwick, John Gallagher Jr., Mamoudou Athie, and T.J. Miller. The running time is one hour and 35 minutes and is rated PG-13.

Underwater begins with Norah Price (Kristen Stewart) uneasy about something but not quite sure what it is until the area she is in becomes flooded. She reaches safety and reconnects with the Captain named Lucien (Vincent Cassel), Rodrigo Nagenda (Mamoudou Athie), Paul Abel (T.J. Miller). As they make their way to the control room, they find two more survivors, a biologist and engineer named Emily Haversham (Jessica Henwick) and Liam Smith (John Gallagher Jr.). All together they come up with a plan to escape and find safety above the water. The only problem is a creature never seen close up is lurking in the murky waters. Most of the team survive as they cross the ocean floor. The movie is about survival, bravery, sacrifice, and consequences of intentional ignorance.

What makes Underwater a good movie is the limited time you see the creature. It’s a simple story of getting from point A to point B with obstacles in the way. The story isn’t bogged down with the inability of the research team to investigate it thoroughly because there isn’t time. The opening starts with getting into survival mode and the ending ends with minimizing the negative impact and missteps of the mission. The cast doesn’t have much written dialogue to shine because there’s not too much talking when the bulk of it is underwater. However, despite Kristen Stewart gives an adequate performance, I wish there had been a little more dialogue. Most of this movie is full steam ahead and to hell with the consequences.

I rate Underwater GOOD of THREE FINGERS at 80%.

TV Show Recommendation: Covert Affairs (2010-2014)

Covert Affairs is about a CIA agent, Annie Walker, finding a balance between secrecy with her sister, Danielle Brooks and success as a new operative under the command of Joan Campbell. Good thing she has a support network, though small, in Auggie Anderson and Jai Wilcox. As she becomes more experienced and confident in her skills, her superiors find her more of a liability than an asset at times. They continue to have her back and give her protection until she goes too far in her lying and reckless decisions. Annie still finds a way to be in the middle of operations and uses her skills to shed light on the bad guys while trying to minimize the casualties of innocent bystanders. There are times it straddles between realism and fantasy but that is the skill of an operative. They make you believe something they are not and while some scenes feel more soap opera like, the relationships between Auggie and Annie and Joan and Arthur Campbell truly feel authentic. Besides Annie’s missions she is assigned and how she gets out of them when she’s in trouble is why you watch it. The cast and supporting cast include Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, Kari Matchett, Anne Dudek, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Peter Gallagher, Hill Harper, Nic Bishop, Oded Fehr, Gregory Itzen, Sarah Clarke, Noam Jenkins, Eion Bailey, Richard Coyle, and Perrey Reeves.

I rate Covert Affairs FOUR FINGERS at 90%.

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