Trifecta #90

Middle August Quotes

Quotes About Humanity

Random Calendar Info #26

Trilobites went extinct around 250 million years ago.

The Louvre opened as a public museum in 1793 in Paris, France.

LED stands for light-emitting diode.

Hello in Arabic is salam.

The uranium and plutonium bombs dropped by the U.S. killed around 200,000 Japanese people in 1945.

Alfred Hitchcock was born in 1899 and died in 1980.

The tallest building in Chicago is the Willis Tower at 1,451 feet tall.

Random Calendar Info #25

Albert, Samuel, Harry, and Jack Warner created Warner Brothers in 1913.

175,000 people live in the Himalaya Mountains.

Leewenhock is the microbiologist who first observed protozoa in 1670s.

Lucille Ball was born in 1911 and died in 1989.

San Marino has about 33,000 people in this small European country.

The pyramid of Djoser in Egypt was built between 2620 and 2611 BCE and is 204 feet tall or 62 meters high.

O’Malley’s Pub is one of the oldest bars in Missouri, USA.

Some of the most educated countries are Japan, Poland, Canada, and United States.

Nautilus was the first vessel to cross the North Pole underwater in 1958.

Poem: Sand Isn’t Water

I closed my eyes, restless, unable to sleep.
I kept them closed because that is what humans do.
All I wanted to do was open my eyes, rub them 
raw with my pointy fingers and think of better times.

My eyelids settled and I had no idea what 
kind of dream I'd have until my body was in it.
The sand was thick and coarse, and my arms struggled
to make progressive movement toward the finish line,
but I kept swimming in between the railroad tracks,
going somewhere not known.

I knew the trains were no longer traveling, so there was 
no danger, and I knew the way to the end was somewhere, 
out there, and wished I was there already. 
The sweat on my forehead never left, it kept reproducing 
after my hand wiped it off, and there was nothing to keep 
the sand from surrounding me fully.

The path might be the wrong one, eyes open or not,
but the resistance to the obstacle is for others.
I am not a robot, and it doesn't affect me the same way.
My ears are closed to the noise.

TV Show Review: Man vs. Bee (2022-)

Man vs Bee is rated TV-PG and is something to watch if you don’t want to think too hard about what you’re watching. This show is about a man trying to get away from a bee that keeps bothering him while housesitting. There’s nine episodes between 10 to 20 minutes long so you watch it all in a day’s time. They episodes go by really fast and in each you wonder why this man is hell bent on killing this bee especially given bees are endangered. The dwindling populations are not good for our food supply which Trevor Bingley (Rowan Atkinson) realizes in the end (sort of). The humor in this show is the unintentional damage Trevor causes to the house and how he reacts to it because he’s innocent after all in his mind. He tries to fix his problems which creates more problems. It’s basically pure comedy in the form of one man’s inability to handle anything with competence including his ex-wife and daughter. By the end, there was sort of a conclusion but left it open for maybe more.

I rate Man vs Bee 90% at FOUR FINGERS.

TV Show Review: Different Strokes (1978-1986)

I’m going to do this review a little differently because I’ve been meaning to review this TV show for a while. This time I’m not listing my favorite episodes but discuss some of the plots, themes, and characters as it relates to a blended family. Different Strokes debuted in 1978 with two black children losing their mother. Willis Jackson (Todd Bridges) is the older brother to Arnold (Gary Coleman) and their mother used to be the housekeeper of Philip Drummond (Conrad Bain). Their mother’s dying wish was for Mr. Drummond to take her children under his wing. He does just that except he’s a businessman who lives in a New York City penthouse with his new housekeeper, Edna Garrett (Charlotte Rae) so this sets up the show perfectly as there is definitely growing pains in the beginning. The show never really reached the honeymoon status which I liked because it was realistic although there were moments where the family unit became tighter and closer in special bonding moments. It wasn’t mushy but showed a progression of familiarity over time. While Kimberly Drummond (Dana Plato) their sister, showed up in later scenes, she proved to be a good female role model to Arnold and Willis minus the episode of her bulimia.

Different Strokes writers did a great job showcasing the difficulties of navigating parenthood in a blended cultural and economic backgrounds. While the brothers enjoy the benefits of expensive cars, many gifts and good food, they wrestle with their judgments and guilt over leaving Harlem and their friends. Some of the best episodes are the differences between Mr. Drummond and his soon to be adopted sons whether it be culture, money, or race. The relationship between the brothers and their sister are some of the best ones too where the writers are not afraid to speak to gender inequality. The first three seasons were the best because the episodes centered around the four of them (Philip, Kimberly, Willis, and Arnold) and the last two seasons were my least favorite because the subject matter was recycled and due to the cast. Maggie McKinney (Dixie Carter) was replaced by Mary Ann Mobley and she didn’t have the same sass. The housekeepers also changed through the show. While I would’ve liked Ms. Garrett there all the time, she had to take care of the girls in The Facts of Life. All in all, I’d say this show is worthy to watch again because that is what I did.

I rate Different Strokes FOUR FINGERS at 90%

Advice Type #8: Should You Care What People Advertise on Their Vehicles

I recently saw this on a car next to me in a parking lot. I took a picture of a tiny portion of it because that is what I do when I see stickers that are completely cool or stupid. This one fits into the latter category much like PETA for People Eating Tasty Animals. People put stickers on their vehicles to either support something or speak out against something. This sticker below is on a whole new level where this person feels it is okay to hunt, shoot, and kill human beings. There is nothing right about this, no matter how vile and ugly the person is, and let me say it again, there is nothing fucking right about this. My initial reaction was “oh God, what an idiot.” I next thought of the Trump stickers I would see on bumpers and think how glad I am that Trump is not occupying the White House. I’m not fully satisfied with the Democratic party but compared to the Republican party (which I have never sided with although I try to respect as much as possible because I know some Republicans personally that are nice), the politicians are a different story. I purposely took two days off during the midterms to see what happens. Back to stickers on cars and trucks. I have more than not including state, alien, shark, and other various stickers. There are no political stickers on my car and nothing to be construed as political leaning except maybe my sticker that says “nature.” Otherwise, the rest of it is pretty not political or controversial. Again, the sticker below is for several reasons I don’t need to explain. I thought s/he probably has never read Marx or Trotsky. While Communism doesn’t resemble Democracy in any way, I wondered if s/he realizes how different these governments are and how duped s/he has been taken for by certain politicians in Washington. This sticker is indication of a non-starting point. There is no talking civilly with this person in a debate because s/he would make it that way. I chalk it up to another (stupid) sticker that belongs to a (stupid) person who goes to the extreme. This person chooses to think the only solution is violence and that is disgusting. So, maybe this is the reaction s/he wants, for people to get pissed at what they see. After that few seconds of annoyance, I thought the average person will see this sticker and think this dumbass is an un-educated redneck prick. On another note, I wonder if s/he is really committed, because this so called “hunting permit” has expired. As I walked away, I shook my head and carried on with the rest of my day.

Advice Type #7: Should You Care Who Stars in a Movie?

This is a loaded question, but the answer is more no than yes. You are not the casting agent or the movie director or the movie producer. Marvel or DC fans get all up in arms over an actor or actress rumored to play a role. They make a point to rip someone to shreds if s/he doesn’t meet their standards. Yes, it is physically difficult to do stunts and get it right. I would say acting in a dramatic movie is difficult too and make it look realistic and not forced. An actor or actress can look the part but absorbing the character with skill takes practice and time. Method acting is fine but those who don’t method act seems to have more skill because the person can go in and out of a character with a snap of a finger and that takes talent.

There’s another debate going around of should a blind person only play blind roles or a transperson only play trans roles. This one is less concrete because yes, there should be more variety in actors and actresses when it comes to Hollywood roles, but movies suffer when there isn’t proper training of the cast. A good case in point is the movie directed by Clint Eastwood. 15:17 to Paris could’ve been a better movie had it had actors with the proper training. I get that Eastwood wanted to do something different. There is no better way to give credit to those responsible for the heroic acts as letting them star in the movie. Showing the actual people involved, Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler, and Spencer Stone, would’ve been just as good in the end of the movie. Viewers love this kind of stuff.

Tom Hanks said he couldn’t play the role as Andrew Beckett today as he did in 1993 when Philadelphia was made. I agree that gay representation should be done with the utmost respect if a straight person is in the role. I also agree that a talented actor such as Tom Hanks did the role justice in 1993. Being gay is less noticeable than being Asian or Latino (in general) and yet, I would expect Hollywood to cast an Asian person versus a White person in an Asian role. Taking that stance, a gay person should be cast in a gay role versus a straight person. I also get there’s the straight character and white character dominates Hollywood roles. There are gay men who do straight roles convincingly such as Neil Patrick Harris. There are short people who are great in their craft such as Peter Dinklage, Gary Coleman, and Meredith Eaton.

I’m passionate about certain genre movies versus others. I gravitate toward dramas and thrillers than others. I love a great horror movie and many of them are so bad they are good. I think certain actresses like Kristin Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow are overrated. Yet, I think Kristin Stewart is attractive and Blythe Danner (Paltrow’s mother) is a decent actress. While much everything has been done in Hollywood in terms of originality, there is more to be had. Movies are supposed to be entertaining and if not that, then informative. It’s more than just the cast that makes a movie good or great. Overall, roles are meant to be fought over via auditions. In some cases, the best person wins. In others, not so much. If you don’t want to watch it based on who was cast, don’t watch it. If you do, then watch it. It’s that simple or it should be.

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