Weekly Facts #45

Japan has 6,852 islands that are not remote with the main five being Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku, and Okinawa.  It is the largest island country is East Asia.

There are around 8.7 million species on earth. 

The average person blinks 25 times per minute.

About 40% of people peak into someone’s medicine cabinet.

The longest beard recorded is Hans Nilsen Langseth from Norway.  His beard was 17 feet and 6 inches long.

Journal Entry Type #63: The U.S. 2020 Election, So Far

I’ve been noticeably absent from my blog for several reasons, but the main one being the U.S. presidential election.  I’ve become quite the nerd about it or maybe a little obsessive.   I purposely took off two days after November 3rd to process what happened either way.  It’s been weighing on me more about the future of the U.S.  Many people in the U.S. feel the two candidates are often the case between the better of two lesser evils, but this year it felt different for many people based on the number of people who voted.

The first issue for many was due to COVID and the second being the bottom spiraling out of control with the economy that dominated why people voted.  The past three days I’ve been watching news coverage.  I wanted an answer much like everyone else sooner than later.  It was interesting to read commentary about this election by other countries.  Some viewed it as a spectator sport while others were really wanting Trump to win for certain reasons.  It seemed more wanted Biden to win and a few comments on Harris being the first woman to hold the VP title if she and Biden won.  We still don’t have an official answer, but I have a pretty good idea of who the next president will be. 

The U.S. needs a lot of healing and both the major parties, Democrat and Republican, have major soul searching and find ways to work together.   We have become a very fractured country of us vs. them.  It’s become a competition in a way, but we still need to trust each other.  We need more logical arguments and less nasty fighting.  The U.S. is still a new country and despite its differing views, I believe we are heading toward progress and healing, basically a half old and half new path.

It is projected for Biden to win the presidency.  Biden will become the 15th president that held the VP title before, the second president to be Catholic, and the oldest president at 78 when sworn in. Biden has received the largest number of popular vote out of all candidates running and Trump is second highest number and not all the votes have been counted yet. Here is the list of all the presidents and the popular votes they received during past elections from Wikipedia.

YearPresidentPopular Vote
1788–89George Washington43,782
1792George Washington28,579
1796John Adams35,726
1800Thomas Jefferson41,330
1804Thomas Jefferson104,110
1808James Madison124,732
1812James Madison140,431
1816James Monroe76,592
1820James Monroe87,343
1824John Quincy Adams113,142
1828Andrew Jackson642,806
1832Andrew Jackson702,735
1836Martin Van Buren763,291
1840William Henry Harrison1,275,583
1844James Polk1,339,570
1848Zachary Taylor1,360,235
1852Franklin Pierce1,605,943
1856James Buchanan1,835,140
1860Abraham Lincoln1,855,993
1864Abraham Lincoln2,211,317
1868Ulysses Grant3,013,790
1872Ulysses Grant3,597,439
1876Rutherford Hayes4,034,142
1880James Garfield4,453,337
1884Grover Cleveland4,914,482
1888Benjamin Harrison5,443,892
1892Grover Cleveland5,553,898
1896William McKinley7,112,138
1900William McKinley7,228,864
1904Theodore Roosevelt7,630,557
1908William Taft7,678,335
1912Woodrow Wilson6,296,284
1916Woodrow Wilson9,126,868
1920Warren Harding16,144,093
1924Calvin Coolidge15,723,789
1928Herbert Hoover21,427,123
1932Franklin Roosevelt22,821,277
1936Franklin Roosevelt27,752,648
1940Franklin Roosevelt27,313,945
1944Franklin Roosevelt25,612,916
1948Harry Truman24,179,347
1952Dwight Eisenhower34,075,529
1956Dwight Eisenhower35,579,180
1960John F. Kennedy34,220,984
1964Lyndon Johnson43,127,041
1968Richard Nixon31,783,783
1972Richard Nixon47,168,710
1976Jimmy Carter40,831,881
1980Ronald Reagan43,903,230
1984Ronald Reagan54,455,472
1988George H. W. Bush48,886,597
1992Bill Clinton44,909,806
1996Bill Clinton47,400,125
2000George W. Bush50,460,110
2004George W. Bush62,040,610
2008Barack Obama69,498,516
2012Barack Obama65,915,795
2016Donald Trump62,984,828
    Biden has 73,859,854 votes so far
    Trump has 70,026,837 votes so far

Journal Entry Type #62: Slow Down but not Too Much

Okay, I don’t have a lot of time as I have to get on the road (highway), but as I was getting ice tea today, I ran across this. Yes, I was in the passenger seat so I was able to take a picture with my phone. It’s blurry but serves a purpose, nonetheless, and that is to slow down. As you can see in the picture below, the car was probably rear-ended as the bumper was completely off. It probably caused the hit another car, spin it around, and somehow flip upside down. In additional to the broken windshield, the license plates were from CA. That really doesn’t matter because NV drivers can be just as bad. I can pretty much back this up since living in the Las Vegas area. Nevada drivers are almost worse because they have the need to be ahead of you at all costs. I’ve had more cars in NV pass me, swerve into my lane, just to turn right in about 10 to 15 feet ahead. I kid you not. They are downright crazy nuts.

I went to Coffee Bean today and haven’t there in a long time. I can now go inside instead of waiting outside for my drink. It was pretty busy as it seems life is going around three quarters speed around here. As I try not to think about the presidential/senate/house election coming up, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to focus on much of anything until I have somewhat of an answer. The thing is on Tuesday the chances of knowing the election results is probably not going to happen nor will it on Wednesday or Thursday, but I’m hopeful. With any election, the margins are becoming closer between Trump and Biden. I hold no illusion that Biden might lose. I have all expectation Trump will win. If you’ve read my other posts, you will know who I already voted for and yet it’s going to be an uphill battle for whoever wins. I know there will not be a miracle on November 4th. It will still be politics as usual. I will still feel the same way (most likely), but I hope my nerves won’t be as frayed. I’ve been more anxious this year about the election than any other previous and I haven’t lived that long. The stress level (read anxiety) has increased for both Trump and Biden supporters this year. Rightly so. Neither side wants to lose but shit, I’m wanting politics to be boring again. I definitely don’t need any coffee. I’m wound up already.

With this being said (my new favorite phrase), I’ve busied myself with watching declassified missions from the CIA and FBI. I don’t know why but American spies is so fascinating to me. I imagine I will write some kind of short story about a spy just to get it out of my system. I’ve also been thinking about my writing ideas and to be honest, I feel a little bit discouraged right now. I mean why write them if no one will read them. What’s the damn purpose? But, this is a very negative way to think. I definitely need to branch out and expand my possible viewers by making it available to other countries besides the U.S, but I’m the type of person to not delve into something without knowing what it all entails. A huge part of me wished I operated with less needing to know about the ins and outs of something, but I suppose I’m doing it on my timeline. I’ve thought about going to local places to try to sell my books, but I’m definitely not there yet. I want to get, at least, a few books on the shelf before I go out in person. There’s a fine line between realistic confidence in my vision and letting it get away from me. I feel stuck somewhere in between and would like to progress further. I suppose that is all for now as I have to hit the road. It’s the one time I listen to music and am looking forward to it.

Trifecta #45

My word definition

My recent photo on my iPhone.

See, every kid loves candy but not candy corn.

End of October Quotes

Weekly Facts #44

Margaret Knight was the American inventor of the paper bag. 

Coca-Cola has more than 3,500 beverages and 500 different brands.

Dog bites on humans account for the highest number out of all animals bites on humans.

The countries with the most gold reserves are India, Netherland, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, China, France, Italy, Germany, and USA.

The average trick-or-treater has between 3,000 to 7,000 calories in each Halloween bag.

More You Know: Favorite Halloween Candy by State

Because Halloween is coming up, I decided to post the candy most popular in every state according to Candystore.com.  Hands down which many people agree that one of the worst candies is Candy Corn.  The favorite candy among the people I know say Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (any size and shape) is the best. 

Here is the list in alphabetical order of state in 2020.

AK Twix

AL Candy Corn

AR Jolly Ranchers

AZ Hot Tamales

CA Skittles

CO Hershey Kisses

CT Milky Way

DC M&M’s

DE Skittles

FL Skittles

GA Swedish Fish

HI Skittles

IA M&M’s

ID Starburst

IL Sour Patch Kids

IN Starburst

KS Reese’s Cups

KY Swedish Fish

LA Lemonheads

MA Sour Patch Kids

MD Reese’s Cups

ME Sour Patch Kids

MI Candy Corn

MN Skittles

MD Milky Way

MS 3 Musketeers

MT Dubble Bubble Gum

NC Reese’s Cups

ND Candy Corn

NE Sour Patch Kids

NH M&M’s

NJ Tootsie Pops

NM Jolly Ranchers

NV Hershey Kisses

NY Sour Patch Kids

OH Blow Pops

OK Dubble Bubble Gum

OR M&M’s

PA Hershey’s Mini Bars

RI Twix

SC Butterfinger

SD Starburst

TN Tootsie Pops

TX Starburst

UT Jolly Ranchers

VA Starburst

VT Skittles

WA Tootsie Pops

WI Starburst

WV Hershey’s Mini Bars

WA Saltwater Taffy

Movie Review: After We Collided (2020)

Did you just call me an asswipe?


A few times I’ve accidentally bought a movie from Amazon when I did not mean too and then had to backtrack what I just did.  This time I waffled between whether I should rent or buy it or just let it go and watch something else.  I knew it was going to be bad.  I had read the reviews and they were not positive.  It had 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes that day.  My roommate didn’t understand why I would want to watch such garbage. 

After an hour of decision making, I took the plunge.  What movie am I talking about?  The movie is called After We Collided. I looked at Rotten Tomatoes today and it is up to 10%.  That’s what I call progress, but I conclude the first one was better because the acting was more fluid and dare, I say less jerkiness in the scenes.  There was a particular scene I had a hard time following and the ending was a little abrupt.  I heard reading the books help to follow that part of the story, but that isn’t going to happen for me.  It did lead me to watch Harry Styles on SNL after it was done. 

Alright, so what is After We Collided about?  It’s the continuation of Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin’s (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) relationship or should I say lack of one.  This second installment is rated R as it uses the word “fuck” more than once as in “what the fuck are you doing, Tessa?” and the nudity especially in the shower scene.  The one where Hardin wastes half the bottle of body wash.  I don’t know about you, but the color seemed a little off.  A combination of blue and green but not exactly turquoise, wasn’t it?  It looked a little cheap to me like something you’d get at a dollar store.

If you are wondering, I didn’t put the trailer here for a reason. However, I did provide this scene that will forever resonate with me because of the way Hardin says Trevor.

Fast forward to their first meeting because you know they have to meet but don’t expect Hardin to change much or Tessa for that matter.  They are still young and stupid.  Tessa lost some of her innocence, but sexual tension is a major part of the story.  She moves between reserved to overfriendly when it comes to her sexuality.  This isn’t bad per se, but sometimes I feel she does things without much thought.  The only character with mental acuity that isn’t spastic is Trevor (played by Dylan Sprouse).  Remember the kid from Big Daddy?

I’m not sure what direction the relationship between Molly (Inanna Sarkis) and Hardin is going in the future movies, but jeez, if I were her, I’d kick Hardin where it counts the most for the way he treats her.  Sure, she isn’t exactly innocent.  They are toxic together but lusting after him seems futile.  Trust me, there are more fish in the sea.  Move on, sister.  Besides Hardin’s looks, what is he good for?  He becomes more unlikable at every turn.  Can’t he react without spazzing out or walking away before getting an explanation?  Can’t she respond without going that extra mile to make him jealous?

I might have watched it to see how fortunate I am not to be living in a train wreck of a relationship.  Hardin’s father (Rob Estes now) and Tessa’s mother (Selma Blair) make an appearance.  Of course, there is drinking at parties, but I really want to know how often Hardin listens to the Ramones?  I suppose it’s the old story of bad boy and good girl like each other but is too corrosive to last for any length of time.  I just wish this bad boy had less of it and the good girl had less bad tendencies that came out of nowhere. But for everything I just mentioned above, I still watched it and that is what the makers wanted. Well played. Well played, indeed.

I rate After We Collided Two Fingers at 61%.

TV Show Review: Ray Donovan (2013-2020)

I’m not the kind of guy you fire.

-Ray Donovan-

Long before Ray Donovan came on the screen, there were real life fixers in Hollywood.  The two most notable being Eddie Mannix and Fred Otash.  While Ray didn’t work during the time of Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe, he was equally willing to do whatever it took to get what was asked of him and always something for himself.  Ray Donovan is about how a fixer in Los Angeles survives by doing everything that often leads to an unstable life during and outside of work: excessive drinking, inability to deal with past issues, extramarital affairs, and being emotionally distant from his family while loving them fiercely. 

Major cast includes Liev Schreiber plays Raymond “Ray” Donovan and Paula Malcomson plays Abigail “Abby” Donovan.  She is Ray’s wife. Eddie Marsan plays Terrence “Terry” Donovan, Dash Mihok plays Brendan “Bunchy” Donovan. They are Ray’s brothers. Pooch Hall plays Daryll Donovan.  He is Ray’s half-brother. Kerris Dorsey plays Bridget Donovan and Devon Bagby plays Conor Donovan.  They are Ray’s children. Jon Voight is Michael “Mickey” Donovan.  He is Ray’s father. Steven Bauer plays Avi Rudin.  He is Ray’s right-hand man. Katherine Moennig plays Lena Burnham.  She is Ray’s investigative assistant.

It’s clear the way he acts is the result of his poor upbringing and when his father returns, it becomes a push and pull between Ray and Mickey throughout the series.  There’s a slim chance he will ever heal from his wounds because he doesn’t take the time to deal with them and would much rather lock horns with everyone.  He is the quintessential antihero in where he loves his family, but he drives them to the point of desertion or pity for his inability to acknowledge his weaknesses. His life is a mantra of “it is what it is” or “a Donovan is always a Donovan” or “repeat over and over because that’s all you know.” 

His inability to make any worthwhile change or his father who has more lives than a cat is what makes this series binge worthy.  I would say the most confusing season was five, but the interaction between Abby and Ray were some of the best between them. The other appeal to Ray Donovan is the casting.  His brothers Terry, Bunchy, and Darryl, his wife Abby, his co-workers Avi and Lena, and his father Mickey compliment the show in such a way you want it to last forever.  There’s a reason why Jon Voight won a Golden Globe for playing Mickey Donovan. After seven seasons and 82 episodes running 60 minutes each, the show came to an end.  I’m hoping they create a movie like they did for Deadwood and now Dexter (to semi-reverse the ending most people did not like).  Everyone deserves that much especially the creator, Ann Biderman.

I rate Ray Donovan Four Fingers and One Thumb at 97%.

More You Know: Some Voting Stats and Innocent U.S. President Facts

Most of us know the presidential election is coming up in the U.S. I’m sure most everyone will have their eyes glued to the TV screens to see who might be the winner on November third. I still have to get back to Richard Nixon’s Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, CA or as some people refer to him as “Tricky Dick.” While he was tall, he wasn’t the tallest president because that goes to Abraham Lincoln who was 6’4″ or 1.9304 meters. The shortest president was James Madison at 5’4″ tall or 1.6256 meters. Who was the biggest president in terms of weight? That was William Taft who was 340 pounds. Who was the lightest president? That was James Madison who was 100 pounds.

In terms of presidents who were assassinated, there were four with Abraham Lincoln in 1865, James Garfield in 1881, William McKinley in 1901, and John F. Kennedy in 1963. The longest living U.S. president still alive is Jimmy Carter at 96 years and the longest living president who recently died is George H.W. Bush. The youngest president who died from gunshot wounds was John F. Kennedy at 46 years of age. The youngest president who died from sickness was James Polk at 53 years of age in 1849. Some presidents did not find the need to have children and there were five including George Washington, James Polk, Warren G. Harding, James Buchanan, and Andrew Jackson. The president with the most children was John Tyler who had 15 children between two wives.

So what does this all mean? Nothing really. I just like putting together information such as this. In terms of U.S. voting stats, there were only three years where voting turnout percentage during presidential elections was above 80%. They were 1876, 1840, and 1860. The lowest voting turnout percentage were the years of 1920, 1924, and 1996 when it ranged from 48.9 to 49.2%. As you can see below, the U.S. isn’t that motivated to vote in recent years. We haven’t gotten to 60% turnout since 1968. Time will tell if we reach it this year. One can only hope.

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