Poem: Birth of U.M.T.A.

Open up wide, deeper.
Here I come, ready or not.
Grab me with your fingers.
Spin me in circles on your palm.
Easy now, so I don't fall.
It's a wonder you are alive.

Review of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4

Do not read if you haven’t seen all seasons from The Handmaid’s Tale!!!

I religiously watched every episode in this season as soon as it came out. I have to say I pretty much knew the outcome of the last episode after the certain arrest of a certain someone. It wasn't hard to deduce what was going to happen. The connection between Nick and Offred/Ofjoseph is undeniable. They formed a bond and a baby that no one can take away from them. Yet, Nick is someone who clearly feels Gilead is necessary and right for him. He has risen in the ranks and now being a commander himself, he holds more power and weight than he used to, but he is young.
The fourth season felt like a rewarding dessert the viewers got for sticking with Offred and the other Handmaids throughout the three seasons. Some of them truly escaped to freedom and while I was rooting for Ofjoseph to keep her freedom, Janine was the biggest disappointment for me. Can't that woman get a freaking break? She lost an eye. She lost her baby, twice now. She lost her friends. She was so close to finding a forever freedom. I didn't understand how Ofjoseph was covered with debris while Ofwarren/Ofdaniel/Ofhoward was taken away by the Gilead police. Did she fly through the air like a projectile object and land out in the open for them to see? I will suspend something within me that says this wouldn't have occurred. The bottom line is Ofjoseph was able to say she was partially June Osborne again where Ofhoward had to refuse her identity as Janine Lindo.
There are great scenes between June and her husband, Luke. Her way of handling her trauma worries Luke and for good reason. A person doesn’t revert back to the way life was before being subjected to years of submission, punishment, and torture. It just doesn’t happen. The survivors have to deal with the aftereffects. Some handle it better than others. The season does a great job highlighting the emotions involved between the former aunts and handmaids in Canada. One thing is clear and that is June wants and expects retribution. She will go to any length to get what she wants. There is a new character that becomes the new friend to Ofhoward after her recapture. What occurs will be interesting in the next season as the character is now a disgraced wife turned handmaid and played brilliantly by Mckenna Grace.
As much as I knew June would not be able to escape with Hannah by her side as that is for the next season or maybe never, I did enjoy watching season four from start to finish. It didn’t have the newness as the first season and the violence against the handmaid’s is repetitive, but this is what Gilead is and does. The rule makers break you down and places you wherever they want to put you. It’s clear the commanders have the most power. It’s clear there is disagreement among them. This should play a significant role in the next season. One thing was certain by the final episode and that is for all the freedom June wanted, she took a giant step away from Luke and another one closer to no man’s land.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season Four gets Four Fingers and One Thumb at 92%


More You Know: Acronyms

I plan on incorporating this in one of my stories. I don’t understand the revolution that has taken place with abbreviations. I seriously need a cheat sheet to tell me what these mean. I don’t use twitter nor do I use these acronyms except in occasional LOL, but really am I laughing out loud? The answer is no. So why use it? I should more use LI as in laughing inside. I find most of these acronyms as pure laziness. Just spell out the damn words. Is it so hard? I grew up in a different time. Some of them were so stupid, I refused to include them such as SFW as in safe for work. Huh? Enjoy the list and learn something new. I did.

ADIH – Another day in hell

AFAIK – As far as I know

AFAICT – As far as I can tell

AFAIR – As far as I remember

AFAIC – As far as I’m concerned

ASL – Age, sex, location

AAMOF – As a matter of fact

AYOR – At your own risk

AFK – Away from keyboard

BSAAW – Big smile and a wink

BAE – Before anyone else

BWL – Bursting with laughter

B4N – Bye for now

B@U – Back at you

BUMP – Bring up my post

BBBG – Bye bye be good

BBIAS – Be back in a sec

CSL – Can’t stop laughing

CWOT – Complete waste of time

CS – Career suicide

DWH – During work hours

DAE – Does anyone else?

DM – Direct message

DBMIB – Don’t bother me I’m busy

E123 – Easy as one, two, three

EMBM – Early morning business meeting

FTW – For the win

FTL – For the loss

FWIW – For what it’s worth

FAWC – For anyone who cares

GMTA – Great minds think alike

GAHOY – Get a hold of yourself

GFN – Gone for now

GRAS – Generally recognized as safe

GOI – Get over it

IMO – In my opinion

IMHO –In my humble opinion

IFYP – I feel your pain

ILY – I love you

IDC – I don’t care

IMU – I miss you

ICYMI – In case you missed it

IDC – I don’t care

IIRC – If I remember correctly

IRL – In real life

J4F – Just for fun

JSYK – Just so you know

JIC – Just in case

KPC –Keeping parents clueless

MFW – My face when

MRW – My reaction when

NFS – Not for sale

NTH – Nice to have

NAGI – Not a good idea

NSFW – Not safe for work

NBD – Not big deal

OMW – On my way

OMDB – Over my dead body

OC – Original content

OP – Original poster

OH – Overheard

POV – Point of View

PPL – People

PAW –Parents are watching

PRT – Please retweet

PITR –Parent in the room

PBB – Parent behind back

POMS – Parent over my shoulder

PTB – Please text back

RUOK – Are you OK?

RBTL – Read between the lines

RLRT – Real life retweet

SSDD – Same stuff, different day

SOML – Story of my life

TMB – Tweet me back

TIA – Thanks in advance

TTYL – Talk to you later

TFW – That feeling when

TIME – Tears in my eyes

TNTL – Trying not to laugh

TL – Too long

TIL – Today I learned

TBH – To be honest

W8 – Wait

WTPA – Where the party at?

WYWH – Wish you were here

YNK – You never know

YGTR – You got that right

Trifecta #62

Flash Fiction: The Middle

He opened the book to the middle of his masterpiece. He had written it long ago. His eyes were not as good as they had been a year ago. The days had crept upon his heart. The nights had sickened his lungs. He should have smoked less cigars and pipes when he in his youth. How was he to know this would be the major cause of his early death. He thought he was invincible, would live forever as a child, and his mind would carry him into great years of reflection in his old age. Here, he was with all of his accomplishment unknown to him, and these experiences were rarely memories. The doctor’s response was clear. He had a disease that robbed his brain. The doctor did not have a name for it, but there was no cure. He ran his fingers over a wet spot on the page. He didn’t remember ever crying. He knew it would like a mark. The words would be changed. The next owner of the book might throw it away. It was no longer in pristine condition. Such was the life of a writer past his days. He now had to pass on his excellence to the next young writers, making their own statements by way of long sentences. He was comforted he no longer had the ability to produce great novels, for it was too much pressure in his old age. Leaning back in his chair, he no longer recognized what he had become. Another tear dropped onto the page in almost the same exact spot. He wiped it away with his palm and soon forget his own name.

Last June Quotes

Writing Exercise #2

Everyone whispered about the way she parted her hair, but no one had the courage to talk to her. If they had any guts to open their mouths and utter the truth, she would have realized it looked stupid. No one wore her hair like that anymore, not unless you wanted strangers pointing at you. This is what I did when I saw her bending over. She had dropped her keys on the sidewalk. As a joke, I kicked them out of her reach. Not knowing who the leg belonged to, she stood and faced me. Her eyes were the most unfriendly, but I deserved it. She spit in my direction. I called her a giraffe. She was tall. I imagined her long tongue trying to reach me. I told her I was doing her a favor, that I had guts. She slapped me and that was the beginning of our mutual understanding. We were not destined to ever become acquaintance and surely not friends by how things were going. I am a jerk. She was too. On top of her poorly parted hair, her clothes were worse. I kept at it, following her to the bus station. I had no intention of doing this. She would thank me later for what I had done. They always do, even the ones who did not have the guts to tell her the facts.

Writing Exercise #1

That was the time he stopped believing in the stars in the dark sky. It had not shown its true brilliance in months. The constellations were mostly hidden by the clouds. They were different shapes and sizes. When he looked up at the stars, he wished for all his scars to heal. Every time he went in public, people stared. They seemed to knew what was hidden inside, underneath his layers of his armor. No matter what he did, he was exposed, truth and lie. None of this was his fault and yet people blamed him or their own misfortunes. One night all the stars disappeared, as their brightness waned, and the clarity came to him. The dark sky meant nothing at all. There was no meaning behind it. The thickness of the night came from deep within. It swallowed him whole as if it was a whale emerging from the deep waters. He was never seen again.

Mid-June Quotes

Then, there’s the one about the fellow who complained of the excessive heat the other day, when the thermometer read 90. ‘It isn’t hot, brother,’ comforted a war correspondent just back from Ethiopia, ‘until the chair gets up when you do!’

walter winchell

You can’t get mad at weather because weather’s not about you. Apply that lesson to most other aspects of life.

douglas coupland

More murders are committed at ninety-two degrees Fahrenheit than any other temperature. Over one hundred — it’s too hot to move. Under ninety, cool enough to survive. But right at ninety-two degrees lies the apex of irritability, everything is itches and hair and sweat and cooked pork. The brain becomes a rat rushing around a red-hot maze. The least thing — a word, a look, a sound, the drop of a hair and — irritable murder. Irritable murder, there’s a pretty and terrifying phrase for you.

ray bradbury

I think all songs should have weather in them. Names of towns and streets, and they should have a couple of sailors. I think those are just song prerequisites.

tom waits

Hot weather opens the skull of a city, exposing its white brain and its heart of nerves, which sizzle like the wires inside a lightbulb. And there exudes a sour extra-human smell that makes the very stone seem flesh-alive, webbed, and pulsing.

Truman Capote

Journal Entry Type #98: You Have No Idea, Do You?!

  1. There is such a thing as bad weather. (That is completely false. It’s called unbearable heat. Exclamation mark followed by another exclamation mark.)
  2. At least, it’s a dry heat. (Really? A dry heat? I get it though. There are different kinds of heat. Humidity is the Devil in the summer. It makes you sticky, gross feeling, and a shower is definitely necessary after a muggy day. Dry heat doesn’t feel good either. I never thought I’d live in the desert. NEVER, EVER, EVER, but here I am. Too bad I can’t have warm tea without using a stove or microwave in the winter because it definitely gives me that in the summer.)
  3. Hot weather makes you lazy. (I firmly believe that because it sucks the energy out of you. Then again, I used to purposely exercise in hotter weather to prove I could do it. I suppose there is an upside to hot weather from a punishing standpoint. Then again, I’m not that stupid anymore. This is what a gym is for, right?)
  4. I love the heat. (This gets another really? If you love it so much, then sleep outside in a sleeping bag! This is the same thing as saying it’s wrong to kill a mosquito. If you feel this way, you’ve never tried to sleep with one buzzing near your ear and biting you. It’s annoying to get up, try to find the mosquito, chase it around the room, wait for it to land on something, and try to kill it. Flies are even worse because they are less attracted to human skin.)
  5. We always want the opposite of what is happening. (I agree. When it is insanely hot outside, we want cooler weather. When it is cold outside, we want a little bit of warmth. I suppose that is what heaters and air conditioning is for. I feel bad for those who can’t afford it or are homeless. No wonder why people flock to CA because at least the weather is nice.)
  6. How hot it is there? (Hmmm, I wonder? It’s a comfortable temperature, much like a nice relaxing day with the wind blowing through my hair and chilling with an ice tea in my hand. No, never mind. The liquid running into my mouth is actually my sweat on my face that is dripping down into my mouth. And the glistening forehead I have is my natural glow when I’m happy. And the sweat on my neck means nothing could be any better than it is currently.)
  7. The best time of the year is the fall. It is crisp, cool, and comfy. (There is nothing good about such hot weather. The animals suffer. The humans suffer. The plants suffer. It’s worse when there is a lack of rain. It’s not like I gravitate toward complaining about the heat when it’s overly hot. Okay, maybe a little bit.)
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