Poem: What Could Have Been

What Could Have Been

What are the odds?

Not very high. 

I told myself this over and over.

It must be difficult to know you lost out on something.

Yes, it stings a little bit, but all the time people lose.

Some lose something small. 

Some lose something big.

It is easy to let it fester.

Stay up all hours of the night. 

What was the meaning of this? 

Am I not seeing something there? 

Is this is another lesson?

Why did I miss it? 

What do other people do?

Because I only feel numbness.

This is a screwed up way to teach me a lesson.

I wasn’t told these kinds of things would happen.

I wasn’t given the choice that life would get harder instead of easier.

I wasn’t told many things.

I find myself not so hopeful.

It is sad I might never be reunited with the might have been.

It is downright a gloomy prospect.

I am not sure where to place my feet now.

It scares me more than I am admitting.

The sun rising or setting does not comfort me like it once did.

This kind of repetition gets old.

Will the sun stop rising and setting at some point?

Will it disappear?

I am not feeling like I once was.

I am not feeling much at all.

The odds were very high this time.

There had to be another way.

There simply was not.



Book Recommendations: The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love

My mom gave me The Four Agreements, then I bought The Mastery of Love, and still need to read The Fifth Agreement.  I can, obviously, only comment on the first two books.  They are a fast read in the sense they are short and font is fairly big, but it takes longer to really digest the information.  I should make the time to read them again because it allows you to slow down your mind in a fast moving world.  You have to be aware of your surroundings for survival, but not everything is a competition in life.  It will help you reset, refocus, if you will.

The Four Agreements offers a way to get outside of your head, gain insight about yourself and others, and find the things that make you happy in life so you are living a sustainable, positive life.  With all the doing and going, this book isn’t going to solve all your problems.  I saw it a stepping stone to make your life a little easier, at least mentally.  While you might not agree with all of his philosophy, I do recommend it. 

The Mastery of Love focuses on the inner workings of relationships, including your relationship with yourself.   They are complex for most of us and sometimes bitterly so and not just romantically.  You will not find easy fixes in this book either, but you will gain knowledge and perspective if you read it.  This is all I have to say about this author and his books.  Check out the links below to learn more or buy them on Amazon.  I know I look forward to reading The Fifth Agreement this year.

Happy Reading Everyone!!!

The Four Agreements

The Mastery of Love

The Fifth Agreement


Trifecta #2

Image of the Week

This kid probably has a set of lungs deep and wide.  It’s a cool picture no matter what his background might be.


Word of the Week

This was another random word from the dictionary.  Leave the vegetables and eggs, but I’ll skip the rest.  Next word will probably have more popularity.


Video of the Week

I picked GloZell doing the cinnamon challenge.  She had no idea what it was  about and gave it her all.  She needs to stick to painting because it looks like a nice painting from what I see.  I hope she didn’t get water on it.


Photo Time

Here’s a few photos and follow the link below to see more.


Downtown Los Angeles, CA




Downtown Portland, OR




Like a Tourist in Hollywood, CA




Sedona, Arizona




Lights, Action, and Color




Cold Enough for Icicles




Writing Quotes

It’s all about the honest truth. You basically have a lot of hideous sentences if you don’t rewrite. I know from experience. Holy crap. Frustrating and exciting at the same time.





New Idea Called The Trifecta

Image of the Week

This is self explanatory as I feel as if I’m leaping toward 2018 and doing my best to leave 2017 behind, but like everything, life is a work in progress and process.   It never really begins or ends because it is always moving and revolving in many directions.


Word of the Week

I picked this word because it started with a Y and was rather random this time.  I’m waiting for a word where I can actually relate.


Video of the Week

I picked the ice dancing skaters, Klimova and Ponomarenko, from the Olympic Games in Albertville, Canada.  They won Gold with their flawless free dance.


New Year, New Random Info


January 2018: Looking Back in Time and Random Information

Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem “The Raven” was first published in the New York Evening Mirror on January 29, 2845. Poe was paid $15.

Astronaut John Glenn was seventy-seven when the Space Shuttle Discovery launched in 1998, making Glenn the oldest person ever to travel in space.

Roald Dahl, best known as an author of children’s books, including The BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was the screenwriter of the 1967 James Bond film, You Only Live Twice.

You probably wouldn’t consider Australia as a skiing destination, but it does snow down under. The Australian Alps get about 6.5 feet of snow from June through September.

Use baking soda in place of many toxic and irritating cleaners. To clean the bathtub, sprinkle baking soda over the tub surface, then wet it, and scrub with a damp sponge. Rinse, and enjoy your shiny tub.

The South Pole is colder than the North Pole.

It is tradition to open your front door on New Year’s Eve in Scotland before midnight to let the old year out and the new year in.

Price for one pound of Oreo cookies in a novelty can when the cookie was introduced in 1912 was 25 cents.

The number of publishing companies that rejected the manuscript of Dr. Seuss’s first book for children, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street was 27.

The London Underground subway began operations on January 10, 1863.

Source Material: Andrew McMeel Publishing


I understand semi-functioning hands is not ideal as 2017 ends

I’ve been waiting to get surgery on my hands for over two months now.  Good thing is I got it done before the New Year.  Bad thing is I’ve only been able to watch Netflix and movies the past few days.  I’m looking forward when I can get these bandages off tomorrow.  I can’t wait to shower and get my stalled life started again.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m recycling my old crap and beginning with some new stuff.  Let the New Year start because I’m more than ready to showcase my blogs with more consistency and better construction.  Thanks everyone for following me as I’ve reached my one year mark basically.  Until the next time, goodnight.



10 Must See Holiday Themed Movies

10 Must See Movies in Decemberor maybe in January


These holiday themed movies are in no particular order.  If you’re wondering why I didn’t include It’s a Wonderful Life, it’s because I’ve never seen it.  Yes, you heard it right.  Maybe this year will be the year.  I mean while I’m at it, I might as well fit in The Hebrew Hammer.  Until the next time, cheers with eggnog or hot apple cider or hot chocolate or whatever else you might drink on a cold, winter night.

A Christmas Carol

While not the best rated or most liked version of this story by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol (2009), is about Ebenezer Scrooge.  It’s easy to find bitterness when the future looks bleak.  I envision most people going through this at some point in their lives.  Scrooge ultimately has to decide which road he will take.  I really liked this version because of Jim Carrey’s voice and the film’s animation.


Four Christmases

There are two camps of people: those who enjoy the cold weather in December and those who would rather be somewhere toasty warm.  Four Christmases (2008) is a hilarious movie about spending time with your family and wondering if you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.  Jon Favreau gives a solid performance as Vince Vaughn’s redneck brother.  There’s other funny moments and is a lighthearted movie.


Home Alone

The staple of every holiday movie collection.  KEVIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!  Home Alone (1990) is where you realize eight-year olds know more than you think and are able to take care of themselves.  This is a big SORT OF.  Kevin McCallister turns out to be his parents’ worst nightmare on Christmas, but soon everyone realizes the true meaning of Christmas by the end.  It has a few sappy moments, but a great movie for any family.


The Polar Express

ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!  The Polar Express (2004) is another animation movie Robert Zemeckis directed.  This movie is about a boy who travels to the North Pole where he learns about himself and what friendship means during Christmas.  Again the animation is visually great and you can’t go wrong with Tom Hanks.


Little Women

I’ve seen this movie more than ten times and probably less than twenty.  Little Women (1994) is one of many adaptations about the March sisters from the story written by Louisa May Alcott.  You journey into the lives of each sister as they grow up without their father due to the Civil War.  It touches upon many subjects and all in all is a good wholesome movie.


Bad Santa

Willie is a very bad Santa.  I mean what can go wrong.  A lot.  Bad Santa (2003) is about how even criminals can get a do over.  Willie and his sidekick elf, Marcus, commit robberies in department stores but meeting a kid throws a wrench in his holiday game plan.  It sends him in a downward spiral, making him face his holiday demons.


Arthur Christmas

This is a movie about time constraints and sloppy work done, but there is nothing to fear because Arthur will make all things better.  Arthur Christmas (2011) is about how Arthur’s journey to right the wrong before Christmas morning arrives.  It is up to him to that a girl’s missing present doesn’t become just that.  Arthur is voiced by James McAvoy and Santa is voiced by Jim Broadbent.


A Christmas Story

This is a movie I never really appreciated until I sat down and watched it in its entirety.  It’s a classic.  It’s so funny.  A Christmas Story (1983) is freaking awesome.  The tongue on the pole, the pink bunny costume, the leg lamp, and Chinese restaurant.  Ralphie got a raw deal in life, and even though he has the brattiest little kid brother, he still holds out hope for the BB gun.  Christmas miracles do happen.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

A character to scare every little kid out there, solely based on Jim Carrey’s make up, but is a great story by Dr. Seuss.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) is how one girl’s actions leads to changes within the Grinch.  He learns that there’s more to life than being mean and selfish as he meets the people of Whoville.


The Family Stone

This probably isn’t the first movie you’d pick as a holiday movie, but The Family Stone (2005) is one of mine.  It’s about a family where the tightness among them is tight despite all their dysfunctions.  It centers around a matriarch, played by Diane Keaton, and how she wary of the newcomer, Meredith, which is her son’s girlfriend.  The differences are noticeable among them all, but it’s hard to put them aside when nothing said is right and every action taken is misunderstood.  A good movie for those who know dysfunction exists in every family. 


Come Back Next December for More

One Sheets from IMDb




Keeping it Real Holiday Quotes

Not your typical holiday quotes, but in all seriousness, I hope everyone is having a great time with friends, family, food, drink, and gifts.





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