Pisaries Creator Is Kim Berg In A Little Nutshell.


She Likes Nuts Including Cashews,


But Rarely Drinks Coffee and Even Less Since Starbucks Got Rid Of Their Light Mocha Frappe Mixture.


She Had Old Coffee Beans From Coffee Bean And Decided To Fill Three Bottles.


She Makes It A Habit To Use Her Coffee Bean App To The Point Of Obsession. Her Favorite Drink Is The Pom-Blueberry Ice Blended (No Whip).  She Visits Starbucks When She Is Lazy And Doesn’t Want To Take The Longer Drive To Coffee Bean.


She Also Fills Bottles and Vases With Sand That Now Has a Dead Spider In It Although Not In This Picture.


This is where Pisaries Creator stops using capitalization, and keep reading if you want something of a more professional and informative nature.


Kim Berg was born in South Korea, but was raised in the United States. She spent much of her life in the Midwest until she moved to Los Angeles, California. She called the City of Angels home for 12 years until she moved to the Las Vegas, Nevada area. She received her Bachelor’s degree in 1999 and Master’s degree in 2001. Her primary focus remains attaining as much balance with her varied interests and goals. She currently works in the travel industry, but outside of work she enjoys activities highlighting her creativity such as writing stories and coloring designs or engaging her brain by reading and watching documentaries/movies. She has been known to jog, hike, bike, and attempt yoga and kettle bell workouts.

There is something to be said for someone who is a realist and dreamer within the same body. Some have said she is original and complex. Others have said she has a sense of humor under all her seriousness. She is basically many things wrapped, folded, and blended into one human being with an acute sense of smell and hearing when needed.


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