Because I’m stirring too many pots at once, I’m not going to be coloring much for the rest of this year (2019).  There’s no one to blame, not even myself, because time works the same way for everyone.  There usually is NOT enough hours in the day to do everything you want unless you are a type of person that gets bored easily.  Browse the colorings if you haven’t already and keeping in mind eventually I will dabble in it again, and hopefully come up with a different logo.  These are my top seven out of all of them.

Mustard, Ketchup, and a Black Bun


Hidden Pandas

DSC_0106 copy

Plethora of CirclesDSC_0046 copyTriangles and Squares

IMG_0302 copy

Insect Infestation

DSC_0034 copy

Geometric Designs

Design28 copy


IMG_0541 copy

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