When I first started this blog, I had a calendar that listed random information.  I would compile it for each month based on what it said.  I also had a thing called trifecta of word, picture, and video.  While I’m not going back to the trifecta on a weekly basis, you will find it once or twice a month.  I decided to do some categorization and included a section called more you know.  This is basically a page of FYI.  You will find all kind of random and useful information ranging from blood type to animals to planets.  I suppose there are worse things to have a fascination with and this serves as an excellent way for me to learn new things and make lists.  Enjoy.

My most eye opening FYI post this year of past and current presidential election.

Presidential YearRepublicanElectoral CountDemocratElectoral Count
1972Nixon520McGovern 17
1988H.W. Bush426Dukakis111
1992Bush168W. Clinton370
1996Dole159W. Clinton379
2000G. Bush271Gore267
2004G. Bush286Kerry252
2016Trump306H. Clinton232

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