Facebook Quizzes

I like to spend my wasted time on these quizzes.  I keep getting the same results over and over.  I think I’m trying to find ways to add more spice into my life.  I need to find a different place for spice.

nakano takeko










I’ve been known to put puzzles together because it’s something I like doing.  I’m trying to find pictures of them in my photo files, but so far not successful.  I have smaller and larger puzzles waiting to be put together.  I would love to work on harder puzzles, which would be a one color puzzle or one that has many pieces.  Time will tell whether I reach this goal.  I also need a bigger place to live.

popcorn puzzle


ny puzzles

Board Games

I excel at winning most board games especially Monopoly. I don’t think I’ve ever lost the game except once or twice. I enjoy games like checkers and chess although more often than not I play against people with better strategies. Lay the board down, set up the pieces, and let’s see who is the victor at the end.  I’m still waiting for someone to come over and play.


I always didn’t have a sense of humor.  Well, not the level it is today.  I blame that on my roommate who is also my friend and significant other.  While I don’t any concrete proof, I’m known to be good for a laugh or two.




I’m definitely a work in progress and process.  I’m forever setting goals to attain the best life I can get.  I’m a driven person most of the time.  Other times I’m lazy and a permanent fixture on the bed or futon.  I’m hoping my next forty years is more exciting than my last.  I guess time will tell.

self improvement2

self improvement

Human Rights

I’m not a card carrying NRA member nor have a I burned my bra.  Those latter is freaking expensive, and the former is not on the top of my causes list.  I fall to the left of the political and social spectrum, but in some areas I’m more in the middle.  I follow my beliefs, even when some of them are not mainstream, and other times have proven to be wrong.  I care about certain causes especially human rights, women’s rights, LGTBQ rights, animal rights, and personal rights.  I could build a house of paper for the amount of mail I get each day wanting contributions.

human rights


Happy Bunny

Everyone needs a little bit of humor in life.  It can tip a person toward not taking things seriously all the time.  I gravitate toward anything involving rabbits.  I applaud Jim Benton for creating something so funny and marketable.  My life would not be the same without Happy Bunny.  I had posted more Happy Bunny, but did not want to overdo it concerning attribution rights.  Let’s say there are magnets on the refrigerator, full of sarcasm and awesomeness.

Image by cartoon graphics

Living Healthy

I try to eat as well as possible in spite of my weaknesses to salt and sugar.  A person best performs when s/he takes care of the mind and body.  I would say the mind holds more importance than one’s body.  Without a stable and healthy mind, you can’t have a strong body (for the most part).  We can all try to attain the best possible self without sounding too much like a health crazed nut.  What you put into your body does come out and yes, you are what you eat.  I don’t believe you have to take the characteristics of a carrot to be a carrot.  A person needs more than apples to survive, but there is a lot of toxicity out there in various foods and addictions.  I suppose being aware is good no matter where you are in life, and any little step is better than no steps at all.


Pacific Ocean

I’ve only had the privilege of being near the Pacific Ocean.  I don’t remember the Atlantic when I visited.   I haven’t been to any body of water considered tropical.  There is something to be said for smelling the foul water at Santa Monica Pier.  Venice Beach is always a mish mash of natives and tourists.  Zuma Beach is where I saw the whales.  Monterey Beach is where I saw the seals and the sand was smooth and sparkly.  I recently crossed Huntington Beach from my list.  I’m already figuring out where to visit next.  Looks like that won’t happen in 2018.


On particular days, there is a want to smell the fresh, crisp air on fall day or take in the sights of the flowers blooming during the spring.  We gravitate toward the busy, rushed week has to offer us.  Therein lies the dichotomy in most of us.  We want to propel forward at increased speeds much of the time.  There are so many demands placed on us whether we have families or not.   Many of us don’t slow down and really see the beauty around us that can’t talk to us, at least, in a human language.  When have you really touched a tree and thanked it for its strength.  I haven’t been in nature for quite some time except when I jog outside.  I must go soon where grass only grows and there is not the smell of diesel and gasoline.

 Animal Rights and Humane Farming

I live by the principle of treating all animals with kindness and decency including those slaughtered for human consumption and housed for human use.  The hard core vegans and vegetarians might say there is not such thing as humane killing, but I would say there is compared to what is currently occurring in most slaughterhouses and factory farms.  I do not believe the military or medical personnel need to conduct worthless experiments, often erroneous with non-conclusive results.  I do not believe in animal testing of beauty or other household products. 

I live by the principle of rights for every wild and domestic animal.  The number of wildlife is in peril due to the destruction of lands being destroyed for human greed and consumption.  No domestic animal should have to suffer from pain and torture by human hands including those deemed cultural.  Some animal rights organizations hide behind their names, but many reputable organizations exist.   The below are some I follow and support.


Visit HFA



Visit The Fund for Animals




Visit PCRM

Domestic Rabbits

I happened upon rabbits by default.  I had wanted either a rabbit or a cat a long time ago.  I was all set to adopt a cat when my first rabbit, Odyssey, captured my attention.  From the initial bite on my arm to the last before he died when he accidentally bite my finger when I had to euthanize him, I’ve become a rabbit lover.  I brought him with me from the Midwest.  He was my Harlequin with an attitude.  He lived a long life.  His siblings were Cleo, Velveteen, and Achilles.

Two Dollar Bills

Thomas Jefferson would be so proud if he knew he was on the two dollar bill.  I had saved about twenty of them since high school and had to give them all away unexpectedly.  I was able to get more of them much later, brand spanking new, and plan on keeping them for a long time.

200 bills



If you read books, you had to go the bookstore.  Nowadays, you can read them on your tablets and iPad.  I prefer going to bookstores.  Borders is long gone.  Barnes & Noble is still alive.  Speaking of the Los Angeles region, Skylight Books is still thriving and I enjoy The Last Bookstore, which is located downtown.  Powell’s Books is impressive too in Portland, OR.  I’ve visited a Room of One’s Own in Madison, WI as well, which has a good selection.