The streaming power of Netflix and Hulu and soon to be Amazon in 2020.  The primary focus will be their original material whether movies or shows although due to the lack of interest in their newer original material, you will find less of that and more of movies and TV.

7 Netflix Facts by Jake Rossen

  • Netflix was originally called Kibble.
  • Executives used to make house calls when it first launched.
  • Early subscribers got a lot of Chinese pornography.
  • Staffers think people decide on a movie in two minutes.
  • First Netflix original was an abstract test footage short.
  • There was once a glitch in the Netflix matrix.
  • Soon you will be able to stream Netflix programming in a Tesla.

7 Hulu Facts by Lisa Waugh

  • Weekday afternoons are the best time to watch Hulu.
  • Hulu offered 2,900 television series in 2014.
  • 37% Millennials watch Hulu.
  • Hulu was originally dubbed Clown Co.
  • Hulu is available in the U.S. and Japan in 2014.
  • Americans watch and average 1.4 billion ads a month on Hulu.
  • Hulu could be worth eight billion in 2017.  (In 2018, it was worth 8.7 billion)

7 Amazon Facts by Mike Spohr

  • Amazon lost $4.8 million in August 2013 when its website stopped for 40 minutes.
  • Kindle was named Fiona in the developmental stages.
  • First book sold was Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies by Douglas Hofstadte.
  • Potential names for Amazon was Cadabra and Relentless.
  • Amazon only sold books first.
  • Jeff Bezo makes $81,840 salary per year.
  • Amazon holds the patent on 1-Click buying.

7 Television Facts from Television History

  • The word television was coined in 1900 by Russian scientist Constantin Perskyi.
  • The first American television station started working in 1928.
  • Over one million American homes had television in 1948.
  • The first television satellite was launched in 1962.
  • Over 600 million people watched the moon landings in 1969.
  • The first television sets had 200 to 400 lines of resolutions.
  • HD television standards were officially ratified in 1996.

7 Television Facts from Infoplease

  • The television is on an average of 7 hours and 40 minutes a day in U.S. homes.
  • The average American child sees about 200,000 violent acts on television by age 18.
  • Kids ages 6 to 11 watch 19 hours and 49 minutes of television each week.
  • The average household has 2.4 television sets. 
  • 98% of U.S. households own at least one television set.
  • 56% of children ages 8 to 16 have a television in their bedroom.
  • 40% of Americans always or often watch television while eating dinner.


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