All Hail Coffee Bean and a New Theme


I decided to finally change my WordPress theme.  I saw too many people using the original one I picked.  I liked a different theme better and tried it out, but the font translated too small, even for my taste.  I haven’t forgotten to write about certain topics I promised in a past blog, mainly Christopher Plummer and South Korea, along with the usual movie/book recommendations.  I’ve been meaning to blog about other topics I’ve jotted in my journal, often coming back to invade my mind during the day, but I’m still wondering when I will find time for this.  I’m currently reading a good book about Patton (many more after Patton), watched a few movies I plan on doing reviews on, and continue coloring and putting together my puzzle.  I’m currently compiling a list of more Halloween movies and will finish my Body Worlds blogs.  When you add into the mix working overtime and attempting to exercise consistently each week, there isn’t much time left for rewriting.  A huge sigh on my part, but there’s always next week.  It’s become my new motto.

Images from Coffee Bean I Frequent Weekly




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