Woody Videos: Greg Gory and Menace


I’m known to have really vivid dreams.  I often remember them long after I’ve woken up, and write them that night or sometimes the next day.  The recent one was of Prince William and Harry.  I was bummed I was seated next to Prince William instead of Harry at a dinner function.  He tried to talk to me during the whole dinner while the Duchess of Cambridge sat next to him.  I kept looking at the other side of the table at Prince Harry, as I wanted to talk to him instead.  This is the first dream I had about any kind of royalty.

This Greg Gory’s dream about caterpillars.  He tends to be scared of the littlest things.  I’ve had dreams of creepy crawly things too.  I think we all have.  Enjoy.

Menace is definitely growing on me.  Although he has one of the worst eating regimens I’ve ever heard on the radio, he’s entertaining and funny.  My favorite part is the Menace’s Word of the Day.  He usually doesn’t get it right, but sometimes he has success.  I also know all about being lazy at times, and it’s sometimes hard to be motivated.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around fidget spinners.  I’m glad to not be the only one to think people who can’t wait for the weekend to get hammered is a little ridiculous although this is compliments of Woody. 

On that note, this is about listeners ripping on Menace again.  The guy can’t catch any slack and sort of reminds me of a young Dennis Franz.  It must be the pose and the eyes.


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