Bigger Font and Writing…Sorta

Font Size


I wasn’t doing anyone favors by picking such small font on my blog posts.  I’ve made it bigger on my blog pages.  I usually put everything I post onto one of my pages so it is all in one area. I’m having a hard time with my font and all capitals since I’ve changed themes.  I like the new format, but I’m NOT going back to change all my past blogs.  It’s too time consuming and don’t want to be thought of as that rigid.  I will let you know I have about six unfinished blogs sitting ready to be completed and fired off into social media space.  I also have twice as many sitting somewhere in my brain, but the thought comes to me that I’m becoming too hell bent on everything Pisaries Creator blog.  This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop.  I can’t do that.  That isn’t going to be a possibility.  They will have to take it from my cold, chapped hands.  I’m just letting you know even when I’m not blogging I think about stuff to write and say without sounding preachy or stupid.  Thanks for your patience because sometimes I feel as if I’m not producing stuff as quickly as I should.  On that note, I’m posting a few new things and then going home to eat and work on my rewrite.  Wish me luck because I’ll need it.

Thought on my Brain


I’m thinking about starting a thought blog and just write anything and everything I feel in any given week. It won’t be long or formulated. I will just spew nonsense out. I’m going to give this more thought. I’m not sure people will read it. Just have to see, but I feel as if I’m becoming more interested in keeping up with blogging than rewriting and writing.  Hmmm, I need to think about this. I think I need to subtract instead of add.  This might be a procrastination technique I’m using on myself.



I live a busy life and sometimes all I have time for is hello, a good handshake, and a goodbye.  It’s my life and I can write if I want to… sorta.


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