Police, Detectives, and Agents! Oh, my!


Outstanding police departments can make you feel safe in your community.  I would venture to say they are cities not heavily populated, which are basically small town U.S.A.  Corrupt police departments can dampen a whole city’s image.  Los Angeles comes to mind, which The Shield is loosely based from, and in particular the Rampart Division.  The rest who carry a gun and badge are in between the two.  When you talk about the FBI and CIA, there appears to be more gray areas when it comes to procedural affairs.  It might be because these institutions are so large compared to police departments.  Nevertheless, these are the shows that have stuck with me over the years, and the ones I want to watch, but not finding the time.


The ones I have watched!!!

21 Jump Street

21 jump street

This show catapulted Johnny Depp as a heart-throb centerfold for teenyboppers.  I was not one of those teenyboppers even though I was ripe for the age.  I swear on my own hands, I was not, but, oh, Tommy Hanson and all the characters of 21 Jump Street.  It ran from 1987 to 1991.  It had a total of five seasons.  Its creators are Stephen J. Cannell and Patrick Hasburgh.  It even had a spin-off show, Booker, with Richard Grieco that lasted one season.  I can hear the theme song, Hot in the City, to Booker now.  21 Jump Street involves an undercover police unit whose focus was on solving crimes committed by primarily young people in high school.  I remember the ex-hippie Captain Jenko that was in the first season’s episodes before Captain Fuller came and stayed.  The topics ranged from alcoholism to racism to child abuse to promiscuity.  It had an overall seriousness with sporadic goofiness to make it realistic, primarily done by Peter DeLuise’s character.



This show has gotten criticism for how they portray certain Middle Eastern people, but it goes to show you can’t please every living person.  This heavy laden topic is important, not the purpose of this blog.  I’ve watched up to season three.  Remember the shows collecting dust on my shelf.  This is one of them.  I have yet to watch the other three seasons.  It premiered in 2011 and the seventh season starts in 2018.  Its creators are Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon.  Homeland is about a CIA operative, Carrie Mathison, whose personal complications with her bipolar disorder often get in the way of being taken seriously by her co-workers.  The end of the third season brought full circle the story of character Nicholas Brody.  I look forward to what happens in season four because another personal complication arises for Carrie and her prevailing is what she does best.



I watched Quantico twice so far, both two seasons, because it was that good.  I’m a sucker for learning about different characters and what makes them tick, question, scream, and punch their way through life.  It premiered in 2015 and the third season starts in 2018.  Its creator is Joshua Safran.  The show is about a group of FBI recruits who train at Quantico.  The mystery unravels to find out who is the terrorist or if one even exists.  The main focus is on the characters of Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth.  The ending of season two leaves it at a nice spot to leap into a new story line, sort of, but whether it goes there remains to be seen.  There are some borderline knocking on 90210 door moments,  but not enough to turn me away.

The X-Files


This is another show I watched partly in high school.  It ran from 1993 to 2001.  It had a total of nine seasons.  The X-Files picked up again in 2016, but have not watched them.  Its creator is Chris Carter.  The episodes involve unsolved cases with questionable and often un-explainable phenomenon.  Its main characters include two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who eventually come to the same conclusion about the government agency they work for and their personal and work related discoveries.  If you are fascinated with the extra-terrestrial as I am, then this show is definitely up your alley.   Yes, I saw the movie too. 

The Shield


This show I could watch a million times and never get sick of it.  Okay, maybe I’m stretching it a little too much, but DAMN is this a good show.  Someone recommended this to me before I moved to Los Angeles.  Thank you E.H.  Then when I moved here, I saw the taping of The Shield by accident on one of my runs (when I actually ran instead of now jogging).  In addition to seeing Michael Chiklis smiling in a doorway not very far away, I’ve seen a fair number of cast more than once: Walton Goggins (many times with family), Jay Karnes (airport), Benito Martinez (what a nice guy), and Kenny Johnson (many times with family).  I’m still waiting to see CCH Pounder, Catherine Dent, and David Rees Snell.  Michael Jace will die in prison for a killing his wife in 2014, which is a shame, because he played his character so well.  It ran from 2002 to 2008.  It had a total of seven seasons.  Its creator is Shawn Ryan.  The episodes involve the lives of a dirty cop and those that serve with him on his anti-gang task force.  The notable guest stars of Forest Whitaker, Glenn Close, Anthony Anderson, and Laurie Holden, to name a few, made it all the better.  The final episode is hands down one of the best I’ve seen.

The Fall


Forget about Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey.  He blows his character, Paul Spector, out of the water in terms of creepiness.  Then again, how many teenage girls are turned on by serial killers.  Well, maybe some, but not to the level of C.G.  This is a slower show, but once you get past that, you are able to see it for what it really is: a masterpiece showcasing a serial killer from Belfast going head to foot with law enforcement.  It becomes a cat and mouse game between a methodical killer, Paul Spector, and driven police officer, Stella Gibson.   It premiered in 2013, and has three seasons so far.  Its creator is Allan Cubitt.  I have yet to watch the last season, but it was the last for Dornan, so I’m sure it will blast the pressure to maximum force.

Criminal Minds

criminal minds

The ever revolving door of actors and actresses for this show, but I’ll still take it.  I’m still a little upset I’ll never know how Hotchner really was supposed to finish.  This is a long running show.  It premiered in 2005 and the thirteenth season is going on now.  Its creator is Jeff Davis.   Criminal Minds is about FBI agents, part of the Behavorial Analysis Unit (BAU), who are profilers hunting serial killers and those committing heinous crimes.  It is led by Emily Prentiss.  Her team uses the ever catchy term: unsub or unknown subject.   I’ve seen all except the current season.  This is the reason Netflix exists.  I do a dive bomb when it is released, and don’t leave until I’ve watched them all.



I’ve watched this show about three times, and each time the ticking of the clock bothered whoever was around me.  24 ran from 2001 to 2010.  It had a total of eight seasons.  Its creators are Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow.  The episodes involve Jack Bauer, director of a counter-terrorist unit in Los Angeles, and his team.  I prefer to think of him as a bad ass who walks the thinnest of lines between sanctioned protocol and what’s on the other side of it.  It’s hard to think so much action could happen in one day, and how the people involved are still functioning by the end.  Yet, it does happen so it makes the show all the more impressive.  There was a mini-series 24: Live Another Day that aired in 2014.  There was a spin-off, 24: Legacy, that aired in 2016.  It had one season. 

The Blacklist


This show has basically replaced The Shield, for me, in terms of caliber.  The level of corruption is astounding where it grabbed me from the start.  The well-developed characters was a pleasant surprise.  The character arc of Mr. Kaplan at the end of season four was one of the best I’ve seen.  The Blacklist premiered in 2013 and season five resumes in 2018.  Its creator is Jon Bokenkamp.  The show involves primarily two characters: Elizabeth Keen and Raymond Reddington.  Keen is a newly married FBI profiler.  She comes face to face with Reddington, and throughout the show questions his motives and behaviors at every corner.  It will be interesting to see how the second half of season five progresses since a major bomb was dropped on Keen.

The Killing

the killing.jpg

This show was slow to start, and admit I had to give it another try.  I’m glad I did because it is well worth the watching.  Stay invested in it because I eventually didn’t want to turn it off, but had to because I needed sleep.  The Killing ran from 2011 to 2014.  It has four seasons.  Its creator is Veena Sud.  Its main characters, Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder, work as a team in a police investigation.  As they uncover pieces to the story of what happened to Rosie Larsen, things get unhinged on personal and political levels.  It is a great whodunnit and whydunnit show.



This show had the ever revolving door of the main actor that would bring a sex appeal factor to the television screen.  David Caruso left the set, never to glance back, and actors kept replacing the last.  This never detracted from the show because the writing was superb, but I wish actresses were given more credence to their profession.  I think of A.D.A Sylvia Costas and Detective Connie McDowell.  NYPD Blue is about the professional lives of detectives in their precinct, and how it often bleeds into their private lives.  It ran from 1993 to 2005.  There were twelve seasons.  Its creators are Steven Bochco and David Milch.  It is led by Lt. Fancy and later Lt. Rodriquez.  The mainstays throughout most of the seasons were Detective Sipowicz, Greg Medavoy, Bobby Simone, and Connie McDowell.  NYPD Blue was a groundbreaking show for a reason.



This show surprisingly I had to give another try as well because my eyes weren’t cooperating at the first round.  But the second time, I was all in and ready to go.  Mindhunter has one season so far, and can’t wait for the next one in unknown.   Its creator is Joe Penhall.  It involves the formative years of FBI research into the mind of killers by the hands of two agents: Holden Ford and Bill Tench.  Both actors are excellent in their roles, but Holt McCallany knocks the ball out of the park.  They forgo the old method of looking at crimes and delve deeper into a criminal’s modus operandi.  This show is based from actual research and events.  I’m willing to watch anything psychologically and/or criminally related.  It’s one of the few things that can keep me up at night when I’m bone tired.  Enough said.

The Assets


This mini-series was discovered as I was surfing Netflix.  I’m not sure if it is still on there, but it’s worth the watch.  It keeps you invested.  The Assets is about the ultimate capture of a CIA mole by other CIA officers.  This is a cat and mouse game between Aldrich Ames and Sandra Grimes and Jeanne Vertefeuille.  This is based on actual events where Ames fed classified information to the Soviet Union.  It aired in 2014.


 There you have it: the shows I’ve seen that stuck with me.  I’ve purposely left out other notable shows for a time factor.  On that note, let’s move to the ones I have yet to see.


The ones I still need to watch!!!


Graceland is a show about a rookie FBI agent trained by a FBI legend in a beachfront residence.  Its creator is Jeff Eastin.  It had three seasons. 


The Wire

The Wire is a show about the Baltimore inner-city drug scene from the view of the criminals and police department.   Its creator is David Simon.  It had five seasons.


True Detective

True Detective is a show about police investigations.  It follows different cases in each season.  Its creator is Nic Pizzolatto.  It has two seasons so far.



Justified is a show about a U.S. Marshal going back to his poor, rural hometown in Kentucky.  Its creator is Graham Yost.  It had six seasons.



Luther is a show about a genius detective who is dedicated, obsessed, and consumed by his work in the Serious Crime Unit.  Its creator is Neil Cross.  It has four seasons so far.


Top of the Lake

Top of the Lake is a show about a detective attempting to solve crimes while keeping herself in check.  It has a gap in between the seasons.  Its creators are Jane Campion and Gerard Lee.  It has two seasons so far.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a show about forensic evidence team in Las Vegas.  It had sixteen seasons.  Its creator is Anthony E. Zuiker.  (I haven’t watched enough episodes to say I truly know about it.)



Southland is a show about the LAPD.  It had five seasons.  Its creator is Ann Biderman.


The Americans

The Americans is a show about Soviet spies in America.  It has five seasons so far.  Its creator is Joseph Weisberg.


 There you have it: the shows where people wear badges and/or affiliated with crime in some way.  I could say so much more about this topic, but given the lack of time, I won’t.  On that note, happy television watching because there’s a lot out there.


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