More You Know: Past and Upcoming U.S. Presidential Results

If you haven’t noticed or heard, there’s a lot of debate going on whether to trust the polls. In 2016 U.S. presidential election, half the nation was stunned and sad/mad while the other half was stunned and happy/thrilled. Fast forward to 2020 and we seem to be in the same predicament except four years have passed and we are in the middle of a pandemic. The U.S. has shown no hope of the COVID going away any time soon and other cities in the world are seeing an increase of this resilient virus strain and yet here we are without a vaccine. I’m willing to take it after there has been adequate testing and not rushing it like Ford did that ended in people getting sick in 1976. Let’s not do that again, but the U.S. seems to have a problem lately of repeating past mistakes.

Without getting any more political although unless you are a person who just doesn’t give a damn about either major party (can’t really blame people for this either) or belong to another party, I do encourage those people to get out there anyway. I know it is hard to care about something you don’t give a shit about and while your life may not depend on who gets elected in November or should I say January, this year seems more dire than others I lived through where I could vote. I never even voted in the 1996 election when I should have and since 2000 I have voted mainly as an Independent until I had to declare a party in 2008. As with most people, there are certain core principles I will not and cannot stray from and while I never thought of myself as political, it’s increased over the years since 2000.

I’ve seen more questionable things occurring from the Republican side of the coin as of late and I hope soon it can stop being a follow behind your leader and give no dissent party. The presidential debates leading up to an election is what makes life exciting, but not so much this year. I will spend the next two weeks trying to remain calm and know whatever the election results, I will have to accept. Trust me, I accepted Trump as president in 2016, but that didn’t mean I liked it. I had a tiny sliver of hope he would succeed on some level and while he did to a the littlest point, he has failed in more ways than not. From what political experts are saying, it will be a while until we know who is the next president of the U.S. after the election. I’m looking for more common ground in 2021 and beyond because we all deserve it. No one gets anything done when you are dealing with polar opposites or people when they close the door before it’s even opened.

I posted below the past presidential election winners. It’s interesting how there’s a flip flop of Republican and Democrat presidents since 1972 for the most part. Will Trump end up like H.W. Bush in 1992? Will Biden end up like Gore in 2000? No one will get a better picture until November 3rd and even then, still no one will know who is the clear winner because both sides have an arsenal of lawyers ready for the fight. Like I said before, buckle up because either way it’s going to be a bumpy ride from any angle one sits.

Presidential YearRepublicanElectoral CountDemocratElectoral Count
1972Nixon520McGovern 17
1988H.W. Bush426Dukakis111
1992Bush168W. Clinton370
1996Dole159W. Clinton379
2000G. Bush271Gore267
2004G. Bush286Kerry252
2016Trump306H. Clinton232
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