Journal Entry Type #109: What Else is Going to Happen This Year?

In some cases like the Jewish culture/religion, it’s already the New Year. To many of the non-Jewish people, the New Year is very close. If anything is to be learned the past few years, intolerance of others came out of hiding (it was there all along) and really showed how ignorant and uneducated they can be. But let’s be honest here, it’s not only the person who is closeminded at fault. There are many others to blame such as their parents, educational system (especially in the U.S. with disparity), and economic status. The poor White family living in the Appalachia should be just as pissed as the poor Black family living in Chicago or Detroit.

This makes me feel no compassion for Mark Zuckerberg whatsoever with what he is dealing with now. He even decided he was in so much trouble (under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons) he changed Facebook to Metaverse. Okay, sorry but you’re still FB. You still look like a wet rat and that’s bad to say because I like rats. I’ve been keeping up with the news as much as I can. Some news I still can’t believe it’s news. Other news I still can’t believe the news programs are still talking about it. While many things are tragic such as murder of a woman or slow destruction of a city, it makes me wonder where all the people were who could’ve made a difference. Where they were the last twenty years? Really? Where were they? The ones with all the money, power, and in many cases greed? This is how society works. Privilege doesn’t mean shit when someone is hellbent on killing you or making you suffer.

I had a terrible dream recently where I found out I had a terminal illness. I had about six months to live. People were trying to cheer me up and be nice around me. I was trying to figure out what I would do in my last remaining months of my life. I would soon be too sick to work anymore. The thought of not working was highly appealing despite not living too much longer. I woke up not finding out how things really ended. If I really died which I’m sure I did because I had cancer, but more I never found out if I got all my financial things in order before I died. Maybe, it was a dream not to procrastinate anymore. I finally beat my score in DX Ball. I broke down and bought Super DX Ball (remember it more now). Then, I will move onto DX Ball 2 I’ve never played.

First things first like deciding January 1st of 2022 will be a good day to restart many of the things I’ve put off. For some reason, I’m being selfish and not pushing myself to be the go getter I sometimes am known to be. I didn’t watch nearly as many horror movies as I wanted to, read books as I should have, and exercises as much as I needed. Yet, here I am with some disappointment in some people during 2021 and not too surprised in most people overall. What I’m looking forward to is watching the new Wes Anderson movie coming out although I need to catch up on his other movies as well as all the James Bond movies. Rob Zombie is remaking The Munster’s, which will be disastrous. He has a better chance of eating munster cheese and people finding more enjoyment of him eating that on a cracker. As you can see, I’m in a feisty mood. Maybe, it’s because he completely ruined a good movie called Halloween. On that note, Happy Halloween and candy corn is still the worst ever.

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