Journal Entry #115: Is It Really the Holiday Season? This Week Already?

It really doesn’t feel like the holiday season. The only reason I know it’s December is because my feet and hands are cold along with my nose. I’m drinking more hot tea and my hands are even drier due to the wind. I didn’t think it was possible because my skin gets even more grotesque during the winter months, even if there is no snow and ice. It was 34 degrees this morning when I woke up way too early for a new position in my current company I work. I’ve always watched Little Women. It’s a movie I’ve seen way too many times. I’m even a sucker for sappy TV movies at the right time although I justify it because in one movie the guy was murdered and the other one is your typical what happens when you stop being a jerk (the woman in this case) and allow yourself to be human. I have yet to watch A Merry Friggin’ Christmas and Boxing Day. Many years past I used to work the holidays and while I have the 25th and 26th off, I will be nose deep in my job in the New Year. I’m not even making NY resolutions because what’s the point. I do what I do and get done what I get done. These last three years have been a cross between feeling like a zombie and reliving each year over and over. I don’t know what 2022 will bring but I expect more of the same because for many of us that is what life means. Usually no more and sometimes a lot less but still we survive.

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