Netflix Documentary Recommendation: Tinder Swindler (2022)

This documentary is definitely one that should be watched by everyone. It not only a story of a conman and sociopath that preys on women but it’s also a story about getting just desserts from those you preyed upon. As the saying goes, the guy had it coming, and his name is Simon Leviev. He was convicted and sentenced to a little over one year in prison in Israel. His crimes came to light after Norwegian journalist and Uri Blau, an Israeli journalist, released their findings. Leviev was also sentenced to prison in Finland and is wanted in Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. He is banned from Tinder and claims this documentary is all lies. He’s clearly capitalizing on the strength of the current usage of fake news to convince people he is not the tinder swindler and only wanted to meet single women. The stories of his victims should provide more than enough evidence to back up their claims. The evidence is clear. Simon Leviev, born Shimon Hayut, may not only be 31 but he’s well-versed in fraud and forgery. He’s still on social media platforms, but now more people are aware of him and that’s always a good thing.

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