Documentary Recommendation: Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump (2020)

If you’ve read the book A Duty to Warn about Donald Trump before he became president of the U.S., you’ll see similarities in this documentary called #Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump. I read the book during Trump’s presidency. It was an eye opener. I watched this documentary after he left the White House. I’m glad to have watched it after the fact because some things people feared never happened although some things clearly did happen. I’m sure no one expected the Capitol to be invaded by American citizens, but it did happen in 2021. I’m sure no one expected a pandemic to take over the world, but it did happen and still is in some ways. If you take away the name and face and only discuss the behaviors and actions of Donald Trump, I”m sure most everyone would find him having some mental disorder as found in the DSM-5-TR. The most obvious one is narcissism because most every U.S. President has this on some level. How much of the other disorders affect Trump, no one knows 100% because I’m sure he doesn’t want to know or goes out of his way to find out. The most interesting parts of this documentary were the Republicans or former Republicans speaking about Trump. It’s true that his popularity and platform to live in the White House for four years was his strength and downfall. He stumbled over his feet many times and spewed enough nonsense that he was not re-elected another four years. Whether you voted for or against him, the conversations and discussions people share is a reflection on everything found in our cultures and societies. And his kind of leadership based, which I think it based much on confusion and anger has gained popularity where up can be down and wrong can be right when you repeat it over and over, you ignore the facts and embrace the lies, and most of all, those unlike you are the enemy.


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