Music, Overtime, Tattoos, Sleep, and Popcorn


I’ve been away for a while due to three weeks of overtime at work.  I plan on using some of this money to get another tattoo, nothing fancy, instead of all of it going to responsible things such as bills and loans.  I’m shy of my goal of thirteen tattoos by seven, and once I get the name Odyssey etched into my flesh, I might reconsider and just leave it at seven total.  The six tattoos I already have need major retouching as I was in my early twenties when I got them.  There’s still time for pondering this decision later on how many I will end up with, but I can’t wait too long.  Wrinkly skin is not what a tattoo artist wants to see, and as the saying goes, you’re not getting any younger, pal.

time management

Back to the current weekend.  I woke up too early today on my day off, which prompted me to take a hard core power nap for three hours after I ate breakfast and couldn’t keep my eyes open while watching Netflix.  I’m sure I snored like a wicked person does when overly exhausted.  I woke up with the dreams of war and visiting the ocean because I’ve been watching documentaries about war and thinking about visiting the beach again.   It seems no matter how I structure my daily schedule, things pile up like dirty laundry.  If anyone knows how to squeeze another day into the week so there are eight, let me know.


I was mighty tired after working last Saturday, but decided to see an indie band, Livingmore, play in their rehearsal space.  One half of the band is my friend named Spencer.  The other half is a woman named Alex.  They have a drummer named Mike and bass player named Rodrigo.  I have respect for those who can sing and play instruments because I have no musical talent.  Piano lessons never stuck with me as a child.  I only know how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on a guitar.  I don’t hold beat well, and you definitely don’t want to hear me sing.  You also need to be comfortable in your own skin as a musician or singer.

I included one of their official music videos from their song, Really Mean It.  I encourage you to visit their websites which I listed below.  They have gotten some radio play of their songs in Los Angeles.  The band is currently working on their first album release.   As I watched them perform last weekend, it brought me back to the days when music was more of a daily part of my life.  Livingmore is a testament of how good vocals and musical arrangements make for songs you want to listen to over and over again.  I’m not just saying this because Spencer is my friend.  I would feel the same way if I didn’t know who was behind the music so to speak.  The unedited photos are from my iPhone.


I will say one more thing before I retire for the night.  If you like the taste of crunchy popcorn and you like the tangy taste of pickles, might I suggest popcorn in a pickle?  I think this has to be one of the great creations TJ’s has put out in quite a while. The hulls that get stuck in my teeth or the kernels that make me cough for a good full minute when my sinuses are wrecking havoc on my throat are not enough to deter me away from this bag of deliciousness.  I admit there are people who find this repulsive like my roommate, but again some people will never understand the true greatness in this bag.  It carried me through these last three weeks and for this I am thankful.


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