Book Recommendation: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit


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Some believe you don’t write about yourself until you’ve established yourself as a writer. These same people say to be cautious using yourself as a character because it’s easy to get too involved and not be as objective as possible. Some people dare not to follow this advice and do their own thing. Jeannette Winterson is one of them.

Her first book is basically an autobiographical story, relating to her childhood and exploration of her sexuality and religious influences.  It won the Whitbread Award for a First Novel in 1985 and commend her for viewing this book as all inclusive, as she said, “I’ve never understood why straight fiction is supposed to be for everyone, but anything with a gay character or that includes gay experience is only for queers.”

She continues to do her own thing, and not apologize for it. In 2014 Winterson was chastised for killing a rabbit who ate her herbs. She posted the cut up meat on Twitter and later the rabbit meat in a pot of stew, as well as the rabbit innards that her cat ate sitting on a plate. She received backlash from her followers, strangers, and animal rights activists. Some vowed never to read her books again. Would I rather have had her not kill the rabbit that ate her herbs? Yes. Did this stop me from recommending one of her books? No. I will probably buy more of her books. Yes.  The choice is always ours.


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