Movie Recommendation: Sweet and Lowdown


Produced: Letty Aronson, J.E. Beaucaire, Richard Brick, Jean Doumanian, Charles H. Joffe, and Jack Rollins
Directed: Woody Allen
Written: Woody Allen
Major Cast: Sean Penn, Samantha Morton, Anthony LaPaglia, Uma Thurman, John Waters, Woody Allen, James Urbaniak, and Brian Markinson
Sweet and Lowdown stars the talented Sean Penn as Emmet Ray, a jazz guitarist who garnered acclaim during the 1930s. The movie follows him on his quest to be as good as his idol, Django Reinhardt, but there are peculiar rules he must follow in order to achieve this. One of them is not getting romantically involved with a woman despite his mad desire for it. He eventually finds love in a woman played by Samantha Morton, but will he be able to sustain it? You must watch the movie to find out or look online. The film received decent scores from critics with Metascore rating it 70% and Tomatometer rating it 78%. This isn’t too surprising as most Woody Allen movies are well worth the watch. This is sweet and short description, but that is all it really needed.
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