Ten Years?! Ten Stinking Years?!


I’m keeping this short and sweet in regards to other blog posts.  I’m letting the pictures do the talking because they have captions.  Excuse the bird crap on the car window pictures.  Los Angeles birds love to crap on windows right after you get a car wash.  It never fails.  I’m sure others can relate in other cities.

Ten years ago I visited the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica with a person I didn’t know would last or could stand my independence over the years.   Fast forward to ten years later and we’re still together.

I call him my roommate much of the time because that is what he is to me, but he’s more than that to me when you put the puzzle pieces together.  He recently told me I have taught him much over these years, which I am glad.  It’s nice to know you helped someone.

He’s taught me much over these past ten years too.  It was never my goal to meet someone when I moved to Los Angeles.  I suppose things have a way of working out in some respects.  We surpassed our ten year mark in June so here’s to hopefully more years ahead.

If anyone is wondering, I did beat him in Skee Ball like I did in 2007.



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