Every Day of the Week with The Woody Show


There was a time when the Woody Show was not a part of my life on my way to work. I can’t imagine not hearing it now. The music selection is nothing to get too excited over although they play a few songs I really like, but have no idea who sings them. I suggest playing Nirvana’s song Come as You Are a little less.  I don’t really get too into the song segments, but listening to 80’s songs is always nice… once in a while.


The history of the Woody Show involves a group of friends, starting with Woody, Ravey, and Tony in San Francisco, circa 2006. Greg Gory and Menace later became a part of the show as they were affiliated with the radio station at the time. Due to a major mishap, they were forced to go their separate ways. Woody and Ravey went onto another station while Greg and Menace stayed in San Francisco.


The main players came together in Los Angeles in 2014 of Woody, Ravey, Menace, and Greg Gory.  Sebas, executive producer, would later come into the mix in 2015. There are obvious signs they have known each other for a long time, and the synergy among them is great.  I would say hands down my favorite is Greg Gory with Menace, Woody, and Ravey behind him.


This station is definitely not for everyone. They are crass at times and have offended listeners. They are not shy to confront their naysayers including some listeners especially when a particular tweet or email or text is full of venom. This is not what you listen to when your kids are in the backseat or maybe you do. Either way, this didn’t stop iHeartMedia from extending their contract despite some wanting them to be taken off the air.


I find most of their segments and topics entertaining. My favorites are L.A. Craigslist Freak of the Week, First World Problems, A Bachelorette, Redneck News, Greg Gory’s Hate Mail, Dumbass News, Food News, and Menace’s Word of the Day.  My least favorites are Drunk Dial and Smokin’ and Drinkin’ Stories although I’d take this over the latest pop song.  I like Ravey’s voice so I don’t mind her talking about sports.  You can listen to the whole show later if you miss some of the show.  I enjoy the live videos and animated podcasts.  It sure makes the drive to work more tolerable.

Photos/Video by Woody Show


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