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I’ve neglected my blog.  There are no excuses.  I’ve made some headway with my novel rewrite.  I’ve done minor tweaks of my web pages in an attempt to make it a little flashier. I want to change my theme, but afraid I will lose some things in translation.  Wish I had bought the higher package from the get go.  I’ll keep it for now.  I have five designs in the making and neglecting my coloring as of late.  I’ve added the leave a reply option to my main pages again.   Feel free to leave a reply or two.  If you haven’t yet browsed my website/blog, I encourage you to get lost in it.  A few blog topics I hope to finish soon are listed below and some by the end of 2017.

  1.  What is my favorite dinosaur and why?
  2.  The meaning of motherland as well as dealing with some things Korean.
  3.  Christopher Plummer and discussion of some of his movies.
  4.  Recommending three Stephen King books.
  5.  Recommending a few movies collecting dust on my shelves.
  6.  Recommending a few television shows collecting dust on my shelves.
  7.  Finishing a few short stories so I can post them and making them easier to find.
  8.  Posting my new colorings by the end of the Gregorian calendar year.

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