Book Recommendation: The Color of Water


The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother is 295 page book reinforcing that certain people follow their pursuits even when they don’t adhere to the standards of family. James McBride, the product of interracial marriage, is the “half White” and “half Black” author of this book who grappled with his identity as a child living in the 1960s. He tells the story of his mother’s plight growing up in the South, Virginia, in a Jewish family, and the hardships of not following Judaism set by her father who was abusive and racist. She was eventually disowned by her father. She moved to Harlem and married James’ father, Dennis McBride, and had more children than you can count on both fingers. Her religion was most important to her as she converted to Christianity, but she fiercely protected and guided her children with firm hands. This book is not only a tribute, but a statement of who James McBride is today. Although his plight growing up in Harlem, New York and Wilmington, Delaware, he had the intelligence to ask the right questions of his multiracial and multicultural roots. It led to him being who is today, realistic of the social world around him, but cognizant of his ancestors’ contributions on both sides.

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