Stickers and Cars Go Together Nicely

Before I moved to Los Angeles, I had removed my bumper stickers from my car.  It wasn’t that they were offensive in nature, but when I moved I thought it better not to  broadcast myself too much as I drove halfway across the country.  The only bumper stickers I have now is a band-aid and a reference to X-Files.  The prior sort of goes hand in hand with my view of you can’t have too many band-aids, hand soap, or chap stick.  I have one other sticker, Amoeba Records, but I go there more for movies.



Since moving to Los Angeles, I never should’ve gotten rid of my bumper stickers.  I’ll always have the pictures as they’re on my computer somewhere under the non original file naming of pictures1, pictures2, pictures3, and so on.  I’ve seen a nice variety of bumper stickers and stickers ranging from politics to sexual preference to eating habits to various activists to music bands to those who have no issue letting others know they probably have crude tendencies.  I’ve seen stuffed animals hanging from rear mirrors and off hitches.  I’ve seen a few cool covers like the one I saw today.


I’ve seen unique license plates and ones where it is obvious why the person would have it printed on his or her license plate.  While most of the time I watch the cars and road so I stay in my lane, when traffic is at a standstill or I’m driving insanely slow, I can be a people watcher too.  You find interesting things to think about when driving in Los Angeles when the radio isn’t playing anything decent.  I think of the time I’m wasting on the road.  I could be doing other things.  Yet, it gives me a chance to practice patience.  It makes me have to relax when I might not otherwise.


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