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Are Those Handcuffs on Your Wrists?

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Gerald’s Game didn’t get the spotlight as Stephen King’s adaptation of IT.  While it probably won’t garner accolades for being a superb watching experience, there is enough content to keep a viewer’s attention.  These are the kinds of movies people often watch for fun.  It is what I call a very guilty pleasure.  There shouldn’t be any spoilers in this review, and my rating will be found at the end.
Information on Gerald’s Game
Gerald’s Game is a movie about a couple, Gerald and Jessie Burlingame, trying to spice up their boring life.  They are what you would call going through a marriage mid-life crisis.  The story begins when they arrive at a remote cabin.  Right from the start things go south where accusations are spewed from both their mouths.  So much for this second honeymoon, as the blame goes far and deep between them.    Jessie soon finds out there is no going back in time as much as she wants it to happen.   What parts of her survive through her desperate ordeal, or if she even survives at all?
Gerald’s Game adapted script was written by Mike Flanagan and Jeff HowardIt was directed by Mike Flanagan.  It’s main cast was Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood.  Does anyone remember her from Bon Jovi’s video, Always?   The supporting cast of Henry Thomas as Jessie’s father and Chiara Aurelia as a young Jessie are equally memorable.  For those who have read or seen Dolores Claiborne, there will be a recurrent theme you definitely recognize.  I would say these were the most powerful due to their subject matter.  As I was watching those scenes, I thought, say it isn’t so Elliott.
Carla Gugino played Jessie with realistic vulnerability, and especially in scenes where there seemed little hope of any kind.  The movie adequately portrayed the internal debate within her mind.  There could have been an issue of too much talking head, but there was enough interaction from Gerald for it to be a non-issue.  There usually is some switching of past and present time in King adaptations.  This movie also incorporated it, but did not overuse it.  There was voice over in a particular scene where it was most appropriate.  It brought closure to a relationship long past.
What Else I Liked about Gerald’s Game
Gerald’s Game is a relationship story with a lot of what ifs.  What if you were in a failed marriage?  What if you had a distant husband or wife?  What would you do to save your marriage?  What would you do if you could go back in time?  I like these kinds of movies because it makes me think about things I might not otherwise.  This movie was also able to do what few have ever done before, and that is to feel phantom pain where none should exist.  
What I Didn’t Like about Gerald’s Game
The part I didn’t like was the lengthy end extensive voice over that filtered from the scene I did appreciate.  It would’ve been more impacting had it not rambled on so long.  It started nicely and then threw everything into it including the kitchen sink.  
For those of you who have Netflix, I’m not going to beg for you to watch this movie.  I will, however, suggest you watch it.  If you find you can’t find the time to solely focus on it, fold some clothes while thinking how lucky you are to not be in Jessie’s shoes.  Or if you are a guy, to not be in a Hollywood producer’s shoes right now.  Just think, your life probably isn’t as bad as it may appear.  Cheers and continue watching movies.
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