Documentary/Movie Recommendation: Lost in La Mancha/The Man Who Killed Don Quixote


Lost in La Mancha is a documentary about Terry Gilliam’s quest to film successfully a script about Don Quixote.  The story would’ve shifted back and forth between present London to 17th century La Mancha had it ended the way Gilliam intended.  The documentary follows the cast and crew as they encounter disaster after disaster.  It originally starred Johnny Depp as Toby Grosini and Jean Rochefort as Don Quixote.  Gilliam had high expectations and a grand vision for this movie.  Therefore, any kind of mishap was not going to be welcomed.  Well, it did happen, and it wasn’t welcomed.  Think of anything that could go wrong in a movie to go wrong: creeping budget, equipment loss, actors getting injured, and uncooperative environment.  The only thing that didn’t happen was aliens from space abducting the whole cast and crew.

Fast forward to June 2017 when Gilliam was able to successfully film his entire script, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.  It stars Adam Driver as Toby, an advertising executive, and Jonathan Pryce as Don Quixote.  The story hinges around Don Quixote mistaking Toby for Sancho Panza, his sidekick.  The script was written by Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni, and based on Miguel de Cervantes y Saaavedra’s novel.  While other movies have been made about Quixote, I’m sure Gilliam’s version will have his magic touch.  I look forward to watching it when the time arrives.

Image by IMDb/Trailer by CG Entertainment



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