Book Recommendation: Animal Ingredients


If you want to read what happens to roughly the other 50% of an animal after it dies, then this is the book for you.   It’s a short book of only 99 pages, but there’s a lot of information in it.  I’m not going to go on an environmental rant about how you should not eat meat and get up in your space for not recycling.  It’s up to you to decide what your contributions will or will not be in your lifetime. We’re not built to think the same way for a reason.

It includes a comprehensive list of animal ingredients and possibly derived animal ingredients.  These are the words you can’t pronounce and spell by heart.  It discusses vegan nutrients and alternatives, as well highlights basic nutrition and origins of vegetarianism.  It goes into moderate depth of alcoholic beverages.  German beers seem to take the top prize as most are vegan.  It offers animal organization contact information, cruelty free products,  and recommended literature. 

Bottom line, this book is a reference manual.  It goes beyond the act of killing an animal.  It isn’t even a book about animal rights, not outright, and don’t think it’s preachy.  I definitely don’t abide by completely vegan standards in what I eat or use.  Some of the information can be mind boggling.  Vegan jewelry?  Labeled non-dairy when it is?  Animal blood found in items you wouldn’t think?  If you want to a book to browse when you have a little bit of free time here and there, this is the one for you.  It jogs your brain and educating yourself is half the battle.  Do what you can with what you have, and enjoy if you get a copy of it.

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