Genre Recommendations #1


Here’s a list of the major genres recognized by AFI.  There are many to choose from, old and new, and my examples are ones I’ve recently watched the first time or again because I could and did. 

AFI Major Genres and Definitions

1. Animated

Animated includes images primarily created by computer or hand and the characters are voiced by actors and actresses. 

 Zootopia from 2016, a 3D computer-animated comedy, is a movie I thoroughly enjoyed.  It involves a rabbit named Judy, striking out on her own in a city called Zootopia, to be part of its police force.  She finds herself having to work with her enemy, the fox, in order to solve a crime, while also proving herself to the police chief.  The humor is on point, and is a movie for almost all ages.


2. Fantasy

Fantasy is when live-action characters inhabit imagined settings and/or experience situations that transcend the rules of the natural world.

The NeverEnding Story (Die unendiliche Geschichte) from 1984, a fantasy, is a movie that keeps on giving.  It involves Bastian, a child who is routinely picked on, and finds refuge in a book.  He becomes entranced in the story, and specifically the characters of Falcor (flying dragon) and Atreyu (warrior child).  The movie has gotten flack for its special effects and ending, but back in the day it completely captured my attention and heart.  It still does.  The nostalgia of the 80s.


3. Gangster

Gangster centers on organized crime or maverick criminals in a twentieth century setting.

Black Mass from 2015, a gangster movie, is a book adaptation.  It’s about the relationship between James Bulger, known as Whitey, and the FBI, in particular with agent John Connolly.  It is one of the best acting performances by Johnny Depp.  The other one that comes to mind is when he played John Wilmot, the 2nd Earl of Rochester in Libertine.  It’s a movie I didn’t have a hard time watching because the FBI and gang activity are personal interests, but even if they weren’t, it had enough dramatic tension to fill a large table of beer mugs.


4. Science Fiction

Science Fiction marries a scientific or technological premise with imaginative speculation.

Snowpiercer from 2013, a science fiction movie, is based on a graphic novel.   It’s about different economic classes that live on a train where the distinction between the poor and rich is a very clear line.  It only takes one person to rally the crowd, and when Curtis gains foothold outside his living quarters, there’s nothing that will stop him.  It’s quite serious from start to finish, as many science fiction films are, because usually something is in peril.  There’s no falling asleep in this movie.


5. Western

Western is set in the American West that embodies the spirit, the struggle, and the demise of the new frontier.

Unforgiven from 1992, a western, is one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies.  He plays  Bill Munny, a man who wants to be left alone to live out the rest of his life in peace.  Yet, life often gives you what you don’t want.  It has great acting and the premise of less is more is part of why this movie plays so well on the screen.  Known as an efficient director, there is a purpose for everything you see and don’t see in this movie.


6. Sports

Sports has protagonists who play athletics or other games of competition.

Battle of the Sexes from 2017, focusing on the sport of tennis, tackles serious matters with the right amount of humor interspersed throughout.  We’ve heard about the tennis match in 1973 between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.  Seeing this movie is the closest I’ll get to the whole experience and events leading up to it.  The fact I had a better understanding of the hardships women faced in sports is a testament to the movie.  Emma Stone’s performance is Oscar worthy, and of course, Steve Carrell did well playing an unlikable character.


7. Mystery

Mystery revolves around the solution of a crime.

Se7en from 1995, a mystery, is about the seven deadly sins.  It makes you wonder who the hell is responsible for this murder streak.  For what it is worth, it’s a little ironic given the bad guy is now being portrayed in Hollywood as a bad guy.  It has cost him two roles now, which I’m not too happy about him leaving, but karma comes to mind.  Getting back to the movie, it goes into the darkness of what people can be and do if you aren’t paying attention.  So pay attention to it all and maybe see how you stack up with the deadly sins.


8. Romantic Comedy

Romantic Comedy includes development of a romance leading to comic situations.

Midnight in Paris from 2011, a romantic comedy, is a movie I enjoyed because you hardly go wrong with Woody Allen.  It involves a couple vacationing in Paris.  Gil is a screenwriter who finds his inspiration while being transported back to the 1920s at midnight.  It has a dreamy quality to it and worth seeing.  You also can’t go wrong with watching the recreating of 1920s Paris.


9. Courtroom Drama

Courtroom Drama has a system of justice playing a critical role in the film’s narrative.

Primal Fear from 1996, a courtroom drama, is a movie that involves religion and murder.  It can’t get any better than this, but wait, there’s a lawyer hiding the shadows ready to take on this case.  Okay, it does get better.  The need to control the situation, by both the lawyer and defendant, makes it tense.  Sometimes you watch movies to be appalled by human action and this is one of them.


10. Epic

Epic is large-scale, set in a cinematic interpretation of the past.  Their scope defies and demands, either in the mode in which they are presented or their range across time.

Lawrence of Arabia from 1962, an epic historical drama, is a movie that kept my attention.  As with many epic movies, it’s a long one of around 3 hours and 40 minutes.  It’s about a British Lieutenant, T.E. Lawrence, following his own path during WWI.  He disobeys commands, and rallies warring Arab tribes together for the sake of attacking a Turkish port.  It’s worth seeing.  It won best picture of the year and six other Oscars.





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