Book Recommendation: The Selfishness of Others: An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism


I haven’t read this type of book for a while.  Readers either liked it because of its informative nature about narcissism and the focus of both narcissist and those looking at them.  Others found it difficult to read because its subject matter includes psychological theories and concepts.  Despite it being a small, compact book, don’t expect to speedily read through it.  Sure, you can, but you’re going to miss important knowledge along the way.  Remember this is an essay dealing with subject matter that is hard to quantify, but often easy to objectify by the layperson.  

Narcissism has become a notion with characteristics of being a very bad thing, and while it has existed for a long time and before social media came onto the scene, the author posits those critical of the narcissist maybe as much to blame as the narcissist.  Kristin Dombek takes us into her view of the impacts of narcissism, and how it’s seepage into humanity throughout the generations has led to a sort of panic of today.  Everyone has something to say about it and everyone is on some level a narcissist.

Mental disorders have been written and removed from the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).   One day it might declassify narcissism as a mental disorder, but for now it is here to stay.  Dombek includes past studies about narcissism, and how some psychological experts sought to fit it into neat pockets.  She discusses millennial born individuals and the stereotypes of their laziness and materialism.  There is also discussion about serial killers and how we put them onto an island by themselves.   We have become great at dividing people: us versus them.

It doesn’t matter so much where you stand on the narcissism spectrum, but that you realize everyone has a place on it.  We can overly embrace it under certain circumstances or totally ignore it when it’s undesirable.  We operate and conduct ourselves with others often based on our upbringing, but it never hurts to explore further by opening your eyes to other viewpoints.  If nothing else, this book offers insight into the struggle of viewing ourselves and others as objectively as possible.

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