Denis Leary: And Your Point Is What???

Dr. Denis Leary

Yes, this guy.  You know the guy.  Or, maybe someone like him.  Denis Leary is passionate about the FDNY and COMEDY.  This I know for sure.  While the book I’m recommending didn’t win any awards for prose, you read this book for its humor.  It didn’t come without criticism as it received backlash for his autism commentary.  Not everyone likes a blunt person.  He speaks from his jaded heart.  He doesn’t apologize for it.  He goes along his merry way or should I say his sarcastic way.  Why We Suck has a successor called Why We Don’t Suck that focuses much on the political climate of today.  The bottom line is he writes and you can’t fault a person for being truthful to his own life.  

His show, Rescue Me, had accolades, but it too was not without criticism.  It aired on FX from 2004 to 2011.  Even though the show has ended, it’s one that continues to be relevant.  It touches upon just about everything.  It’s realistic in many respects.  The show’s center is on Tommy Gavin, played by Denis Leary, and how he juggles his often crumbling personal with his professional life.  The writing allows you to get invested in the characters, and each episode leaves you wanting more.  It pushes beyond comfortable boundaries so if you can get past the swearing (easy for me to do) and the writing (controversial dialogue and experiences), this show is for you. 


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