Book Recommendation: Wounds of Passion


March 17, 2018: Book Recommendation: Wounds of Passion: A Writing Life

Publisher: Holt Paperbacks

Publication: January 15, 1999 Reprint edition

Page Number: 288 pages


If you don’t know who bell hooks (pen name) is, hopefully you will soon find out.  Her knowledge of class, race, gender, and culture is found in many of her earlier books. This book is different in that it is a memoir about her love for writing and how she manages other desires in her life around writing.  There is discussion of childhood events that shaped what she wrote about as an adult, and how it influenced her personally.  You often write what you know while allowing your inner spark to guide you when things become dark. Wounds of Passion served as a method to review her life when it was written in 1997, as well as take stock of the positive changes and stunted growth she saw between individuals and in society.  She will not be the first or last person to have a critical eye.  If you want to read honest words, this is the book for you, keeping in mind memoirs are subjective.

“Writing is my passion. Words are the way to know ecstasy. Without them life is barren. The poet insists, language is a body of suffering and when you take up language you take up the suffering too. All my life I have been suffering for words. Words have been the source of the pain and the way to heal.”

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