Juice Detox: 6 Bottles for Each of the 7 Days


I’m going to be brutally honest here.  I have been eating like shit lately.  I mean bring in the wheelbarrow full of salt, sugar, and everything else you can think that is bad.  I keep saying I fall off the wagon.  This time I really did. I was pitched overboard, down a damn cliff, with my own hands.  Unless you’re an exercise maniac and eating guru, then you know what I’m talking about here.  A few belong in my family so I know what to do because I’ve done it before, not to their extent of exercising and clean eating, but better than what I’m doing now.

I haven’t been feeling taking care of myself physically as much as I should.  I go in spurts and with sometimes with long stretches in between.  I use the excuse of too much going on in my life, but the prospect and now reality of uprooting myself to land in a new state tends to put everything else on the back burner.  It’s been a lot of mental activity with little physical being done right now.  The broken promises.  The new ones.  Blah.

After much consideration and doing things realistically within my own limits, I decided to do a 7 day juice detox.  I did research on what others thought were the best out there.  I went with RAW generation.  I bought a week’s worth and on my second day now.  This has been manageable compared to the other detox I attempted four years ago.  I lasted six days out of the ten.  I will never do that one again, and while my tongue improved in color, NEVER AGAIN.


I will say the juices are about the same in terms of taste, but some flavors are more overpowering than others.  I love beets, but they are plentiful in the red bottle.  I’m not a fan of celery so it takes a few more gulps to get that one down.  The bottle with green apple is pretty tart, and have to take a few more gulps with this too.  The carrot, orange, and ginger combination is good.  I mean who doesn’t like ginger?  It might be my favorite although the pineapple and cucumber most resembles a sweetened drink.   The first two bottles on the left would probably be my first pick, and as the directions say, drink them cold.

I thought when would be the right day, thinking there was a perfect day to start.  There wasn’t so I just started the damn thing.  My stomach grumbled a little bit last night, but that’s nothing new for me or anyone else.  The company suggested you eat something else (protein) if you are still hungry.  So far, I haven’t had to do this.  I’m wired to like most challenges.  Will I always be successful?  Of course not. Do I still keep moving forward?  Yes, I do.

I have no illusion I also need to exercise.  I look forward when I can run, not jog, uphill again after I finish my detox.   It feels good to be strong and healthy.  Like I’ve said before to myself when things get overwhelming, take one day at a time and get some perspective with your life.  No one else is going to do it for you, and remember once in a great while to smile in a picture.




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