Trifecta #17

After about a month’s hiatus, I’m back to my blog.  Well, sort of, so to speak.  I still need to cut back my time the rest of the year due to my move this month across state lines.  It’s absorbed a lot of my time and the hard part hasn’t even started.  Wish me luck next week because that is when I start the official move.  I’m starting the trifecta again, but will probably do it once a month instead of each week to try to reach my others life goals: the main one being my rewrite.  Without further commentary on my life, here is everything related to Maryland.  I’ve never been there and doubt I ever will, but again the whole East Coast is foreign to me.  The farthest I’ve been is North Carolina and Florida, but I consider that more part of the South.  Maybe someday and just not now.

Image to Scare the Children

The snallygaster in all its mythological glory that likes to eat things.


Bird is the Word


Video of Kids that are Nerds


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