Get Ready. I’m Back. With a Few Things to Say.


I don’t even know where to start with this whole freaking move I did from the Los Angeles area to Las Vegas area in a span of a month.  Timing was an issue because I couldn’t start moving into the new place until June 15th and it takes 4.5 hours each way, but with congestion and construction 7 hours.  I plan on posting something about moving across state lines, even though it seems not that far, at a later date.  You might even find a few tips along the way or if you have already done it, hopefully you did not do what I did.  As my physical and mental weariness subsides although barely because I still have boxes on top of boxes to unpack, I realize I’ve spent over 600+ dollars on moving supplies alone.  I also realized my roommate and myself have too much shit through this whole damn process.  It’s time to purge and hear Salvation Army calling right now.  It was my idea to move in 100+ weather (the norm being between 105 and 110).  There were long nights and equally long days.  After three U-Hauls back and forth, I vowed NEVER to move again, NEVER EVER AGAIN.  Yet, I look forward to the new city and people.  The restaurant selection is good.  I still will be back to LA a few times a year, which will be nice.  I miss parts of it already because I called it my home for almost 12 years, but I look forward to the comforts living here will bring.  It’s time I get back to my life of writing, reading, exercising, and, of course, blogging.  The goals are still there and the drive to reach those goals too so I guess what I’m saying is sometimes what appears one way is also another.  Until later and thanks for following me along with this thing called life.

it sucked

The short version is this: IT SUCKED!!!

The long version to come later.


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