When Movies Meet in the Middle of the Ring and Fight


I decided to compare briefly two movies I’ve seen within a few days of each other.  These happened to be on Hulu and basically watched them because I’m doing a Cheers marathon right now while sometimes unpacking.  It brought up other options I might be interested in and The Brady Bunch Movie came up.  Plus, both were expiring soon so I thought why not watch some nonsense for once.  I even watched the sequel to The Brady Bunch Movie.

Dirty Grandpa stars Robert De Niro as grandpa and Zac Efron as grandson.  Grandpa, who’s wife just passed away, wants to live life as his departed old wife wanted him to do.  He persuades his grandson to drive him to Daytona Beach, Florida, where many fine looking female students go for spring break.  The only problem is grandson is getting married soon, and his demanding fiancée wants him all to herself.  He wants this too, but grandpa has other plans for his used to be fun grandson.  It’s a road trip with some endearing moments, but it has more foul language and sexual references than I care to count.  I guess I sort of understand what the writer and director was trying to do with this film.  It just falls way short of the finish line for De Niro and Efron in terms of utilizing their acting skills and seems to rely too heavily on the over the top comedy routine shtick.

The Brady Bunch Movie stars Shelly Long and Gary Cole and all their children.  The most notable being Christine Taylor and Jennifer Elise Cox who played Marcia and Jan Brady.  I did like the constant arguing between them.  I liked Jean Smart and Michael McKean as the Dittmeyers.  I liked RuPaul as the school counselor.  Even despite all the complaining from Jan, I found Cindy the least likable.  I don’t know why.  So sorry Cindy.  You know the family in some way will have a problem and need to put their differences aside.  They do just this to help their parents.  The movie had some funny moments, but the dialogue was a bit too much for me.  I don’t know what it was, but it seemed somewhat forced and stiff.  I can forgive it  more because the movie is supposed be goofy.  It captured what living in a large family can be like and luckily I never grew up in that although I was definitely born into it.


Since I’m the only judge, I score the contest where The Brady Bunch edges out Dirty Grandpa by a few punches.  I laughed more in Dirty Grandpa, but overall The Brady Bunch is the winner due to its subtle humor and a tad more realism.



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