642 Things to Write About Book

What Will You Write About?


Publisher: Chronicle Books

Publication: April 11, 2012

Page Number: 304 pages

It seems this book came out a lot earlier than six years ago, but I’ve probably had it sitting on my shelf right after it came out.  I’ve done a few entries in there, but most of it is blank white pages.  This book is a good way to get the writing juices flowing again.  I admit I’ve been very lazy in terms of having the motivation to write anything, whether it be blogging, poetry, short stories, or writing my novel ideas.  It seems all I want to do is everything else but writing.  I’ve pushed my deadline for 2018 of my rewrite to the end of 2019.  I’m not even focusing on my rewrite until I get some other things in order, mentally and physically, despite it sometimes gnawing at me.  I plan on dabbling in these book exercises and writing whatever comes to mind.  I’ve had a problem lately with wanting everything I do to be perfect.  I’m not the only one who struggles with this, but thought I’d let writers and creative people out there know about this book.  Enjoy and happy writing and the struggles that come with it.


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